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30 September 2009

1 October 2009: Singapore Infocomm Technology Security Authority Set Up to Safeguard Singapore against IT Security Threats

          The Singapore Infocomm Technology Security Authority (SITSA) will be set up on 1 Oct 2009 to safeguard Singapore against infocomm technology (IT) security threats. SITSA will be the national specialist authority overseeing operational IT security. SITSA’s mission is to secure Singapore’s IT environment, especially vis-à-vis external threats to national security such as cyber-terrorism and cyber-espionage.
2         SITSA will be responsible for operational IT security development and implementation at the national level. Regulatory agencies will continue to be responsible for IT security-related implementation for their sectors in coordination with SITSA. In the case of the Government and Infocomm sectors, this responsibility will continue to rest with Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) in its capacity as the Government Chief Information Office (GCIO) and the government agency responsible for the Infocomm sector. Similarly, other regulatory agencies will continue to be responsible for IT security in their respective sectors.
3         The National Infocomm Security Committee (NISC) will remain as the national platform to formulate IT security policies and set strategic directions at the national level. IDA will continue to serve as secretariat to the NISC and also to promote Singapore as a secure and trusted hub.
4         SITSA will be a division within the Internal Security Department (ISD) of the Ministry of Home Affairs. SITSA’s areas of focus will include:
  • IT Security Consultancy for strategic Government projects that have national security impact
  • Partnership Development to build relationships with key entities strategic to enhancing Singapore’s IT security
  • Critical Infocomm Infrastructure Protection to systematically harden the CIIs in nationally critical sectors
  • Technology Development to develop and maintain SITSA’s technical competencies and to provide insights on developments in IT security and threats
  • Singapore’s planning and preparedness, and response, against any major external cyber attack
SITSA’s initiatives to harden critical national IT infrastructure and raise national preparedness against external cyber attacks
5         SITSA’s immediate priority will be in building its capacity to fulfil its responsibilities.  Two immediate initiatives that SITSA will take on are to harden critical infocomm infrastructure against cyber attacks, and to achieve a higher level of national preparedness in responding to cyber attacks. The latter calls for reviews of operational plans, and regular exercises to identify gaps and enhance capability and responsiveness to major cyber attacks. To achieve its mission, SITSA will be engaging private sector entities who are key players in the infocomms and IT security industries, in addition to Government agencies and industry regulators.
6         SITSA will be located at New Phoenix Park, 30 Irrawaddy Road Singapore 329561 and Mr Ng Hoo Ming has been appointed its Director.
Ministry of Home Affairs
30 September 2009
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