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17 December 2013

Government Takes Action Against Little India Rioters

                The Police have substantially completed their investigations into the riot in Little India on 8 December. The riot disrupted Singaporeans’ security and posed a threat to public order.

2.             The Police interviewed almost 4,000 persons, out of which a total of 420 persons were called up for investigations.

3.            At the conclusion of investigations and in consultation with AGC, Police have taken the following actions as of 17 December 2013:

 a.        28 persons1 were active participants in the riot. Police investigations showed that these persons committed acts of violence, damaged property, defied police orders or incited others to do so. These include attacking uniformed personnel and damaging Police and SCDF vehicles. AGC has decided to proceed with charges against them.

b.          This morning Police rounded up 53 persons identified for participating in the riot and for failing to disperse despite Police’s orders to do so.  They threatened public order, making their continued presence in Singapore undesirable. They will be repatriated after being issued a stern warning. They will be prohibited from returning to Singapore. 

 c.          About 200 other persons were present at the scene, but their involvement was assessed to be relatively passive based on the available evidence. They will be issued a formal Police advisory and no further action will be taken against them. They will be allowed to remain and work in Singapore, so long as they continue to abide by our laws.

4.           Barring any new developments, we do not expect many more arrests or repatriations related to this riot.

5.            At a press conference this afternoon, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Mr Teo Chee Hean said:

“There is no justification for the lawless behaviour that night which disrupted public order and posed a danger to life and safety. We have taken strong and decisive action to charge, and to repatriate those who took part in the riot to send a strong signal that we will not tolerate actions by anyone which threaten law and order in Singapore.” 


  1 A total of 35 persons were earlier charged in court. AGC has decided to withdraw charges against seven persons and proceed with charges against 28 persons. Of the seven, four persons will be warned in lieu of prosecution. No further action will be taken against the remaining three persons.


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