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Home Team Speeches

27 May 2005

The Official Opening Of HomeTeamNS Pasir Ris Chalets - Speech by Associate Professor Ho Peng Kee, Senior Minister of State for Law & Home Affairs, 27 May 2005

Commissioner James Tan
Deputy Commissioner Goh Liang Kwang
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am delighted to join all of you here this evening for the opening of the HomeTeamNS Pasir Ris Chalets.

This latest addition to the list of recreational facilities operated by the HomeTeamNS means that we now have a good spread of HomeTeamNS facilities strategically located at different parts of Singapore.

2. Many of you would recall that it was barely a month ago that the Minister for Home Affairs launched the HomeTeamNS, which is a merger of CDANS and SPANS. The merger aims to strengthen the Home Team identity and extend it even beyond the work-place. The HomeTeamNS facilities would create a shared environment for the NSmen of both organisations to network, build new friendships as they and their families enjoy the recreational facilities offered at the clubhouses.

3. With these new chalets, you can look forward to better and more recreational activities and facilities for you and your family. In fact, HomeTeamNS's facilities are located all over Singapore. Starting from the West, we have our flagship clubhouse at Bukit Batok, complete with golf-driving, shooting and archery ranges, and an adventure centre. In the North, there is the Sembawang Resorts and the Kranji-Sanctuary Golf Course, which HomeTeamNS co-owns with SAFRA. In CentraI Singapore, we have the HomeTeamNS-Junior Officers Mess Clubhouse at Ah Hood Road. Down south, we have the Smith Street Clubhouse and the UE Square Clubhouse. And now in the east, we have the HomeTeamNS Pasir Ris Chalets.

HomeTeamNS Pasir Ris Chalets

4. Tonight's opening ceremony for the HomeTeamNS Pasir Ris Chalets is especially significant. This is because it is the first new recreational facility opened under the newly-formed HomeTeamNS.

5. HomeTeamNS members may not be aware that it was only five months ago when we took delivery of these chalets. The Clubhouse Development Committee worked very hard to expedite the renovations so that they can be available during these June holidays, I am told that the semi-detached units are equipped with cooking facilities and four spacious bedrooms each. There are also sports and recreation amenities here for the young and old. With the Pasir Ris Park and beach located nearby, the HomeTeamNS Pasir Ris Chalets are an excellent facility for families of HomeTeamNS members. I encourage you and your family members to make good use of this and other HomeTeamNS facilities, and also to renew and strengthen your ties with your fellow HomeTeamNS members and even their family members.

Focus on the Family

6. The launch of the HomeTeamNS Pasir Ris Chalets also marks a key new area of focus for the HomeTeamNS. In line with the national effort to promote pro-family initiatives, HomeTeamNS will make facilities more family-friendly and also organise more family-oriented activities for members.

7. The saying "home is where the heart is" is especially applicable to HomeTeamNS members. In an emergency, HomeTeamNS members are placed at the frontline to help ensure the safety and security of our nation. Our HomeTeamNSmen cannot do their duties with a peace of mind without the strong support from their families. Their families' understanding and sacrifice ensures that our HomeTeamNSmen can devote their attention fully to perform their operational duties, with pride, passion and sincerity. This is why HomeTeamNS will champion pro-family initiatives.

8. Many of our members make use of facilities in our various HomeTeamNS clubhouses together with their family members. They bond together in the swimming pools, bowling and golf facilities. That is why the newly-formed HomeTeamNS is offering a new family-based membership scheme. Members can look forward to more activities, such as tours and institutional visits targeted at families. HomeTeamNS will also continue to give out educational grants and scholarships to the children of our members.

Better things to come!

9. With the launch of HomeTeamNS, MHA's operationally ready NSmen are entering a new phase. It will be an exciting phase as we will press on, consolidating the collective strength of the former CDANS and SPANS. With a combined membership of 160,000 members, we are certainly in a position to do more and to bargain for better promotional deals for members.

10. The diverse backgrounds of our members from those over 50 years to others who have just ORDed, all hailing from different work backgrounds, means there is indeed a lot of resources and talents we can tap. Therefore, beyond making use of the facilities and participating in the activities, members should also volunteer in the various committees so as to inject new blood and fresh ideas.

11. On this note, I am pleased to declare the HomeTeamNS Pasir Ris Chalets officially open.

Thank You.
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