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Officially opened in September 2006, the Home Team Academy (HTA) is one of the seven departments of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). Chief Executive T. Raja Kumar heads the Academy with two other Deputies in charge of Training & Development and Administration, and a Senior Director in charge of Technology Development.


Primary Objectives of the Academy

  • ​Through programmes like the HT Leadership Programme for Junior Officers and Senior Officers and the HT Senior Command and Staff Course, HTA aims to provide centralised training within distinctive subjects. These subjects include Joint Operations and Crisis Leadership.
  • HTA provides leadership training and guidance for its instructors and instructional development. It manages a variety of courses like instructional design, methodology and assessment.
  • ​Collaborating with HT and its external partners, the Academy also runs needs driven, specialised courses.


HTA maintains a central awareness over the training of co-located, satellite and off-campus training institutions. This helps to facilitate cross sharing of expertise and knowledge amongst HT Departments. Currently, the Academy shares its premises with three other autonomous HT Department schools – the Police Training Command, Prison Staff Training School and Immigration & Checkpoints Authority Training School. While the Internal Security Department and Central Narcotics Bureau run satellite schools outside, they have training officers situated within the Academy. Although located off-campus, The Civil Defence Academy also conducts some of their training in HTA.


Our Vision and Mission 

As the training arm of the Home Team, the Academy is guided by a vision and mission.



Our Vision

"The Globally Recognised Asian Safety and Security Corporate University.”


Our Mission

"To Develop Leaders, Enable the Home Team Transformation, and Drive the Transformation of the Home Team's Training and Learning Capabilities to Keep Singapore Safe and Secure."


Our Training Philosophy

To ensure high efficiency in delivering training, Home Team Academy is guided by the following training philosophy.


To Train as We Operate

We aim to provide training that will add on to the operational strength of the Home Team (HT) Departments. Aligning our training to existing operational policies and practices is crucial in injecting and ensuring our training effectiveness.


To Develop the Home Team (HT) Officer

We aim to develop the HT officer – one who transcends his/her core competencies, and who can help facilitate a fellow HT colleague's work, and is able to apply cross – departmental skills and knowledge.


To Inculcate the HT Values

We are committed to help HT officers internalise and live the HT values of Honour and Unity through our training curricula.



Last Updated on 31 Oct 2017
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