ISD Counter-Terrorism Centre (CTC)

​The ISD Counter-Terrorism Centre (CTC) was established in April 98. The CTC which is listed in the Singapore Government Directory, is essentially a 24-hour incident-response center. Its CT officers provide threat assessments and carry out field investigations of suspected terrorist-related activities or incidents.

If you have any information regarding activities which could pose a threat to our internal security, please contact us at :   
ISD Counter-Terrorism Centre
Tel: 1800-2626473


Incident Response Team

A key role of the CTC is providing immediate response to a security incident. This is carried out by its Incident Response Team or IRT, which operates on a 24-hour basis. The IRT can be deployed quickly to an incident location to conduct initial investigation and collect intelligence on all cases of security interest, including and extending beyond terrorist incidents.



The CTC is also the main repository of intelligence on terrorism in Singapore. It maintains Singapore’s oldest and largest database of intelligence and information on terrorism and terrorist groups, making the CTC a hub for information on terrorism.


CT Security Education

The CTC is at the forefront of the ISD’s security programme to educate government agencies on the threat of terrorism. The objective of the efforts is to share information on terrorism and keep the various agencies updated. Following the September 11, 2001 incident and the subsequent anthrax scare in the US and the rest of the world, the ISD issued a guide providing general information on the biological agent as well advice on dealing with parcels or letters suspected to be laced with anthrax. The guide was provided to personnel involved in handling mails at the respective Government Ministries/Departments and Statutory Boards.


Threat Assessments for VIPs & VVIPs

Another important role assumed by the CTC is in providing threat assessments for Singapore VIPs and VVIPs traveling abroad as well as foreign dignitaries visiting Singapore. The CTC assists the Singapore Police and Security Branch in their security preparations for these dignitaries by giving assessments on the current security landscape and the possible impact, if any, on the VIPs and VVIPs.​

Last Updated on 14 Jul 2015
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