ISD Protective Security Division

ISD’s Protective Security Division provides advice on protective security to Government ministries/departments, statutory boards and sensitive key installations (KINs). Protective security refers to the protection of people, information and assets from potential threats and dangers such as espionage, terrorism, sabotage, negligence, ignorance etc. It involves the identification, assessment and review of security measures and procedures to address these risks. Protective security therefore encompasses physical security, personnel security and information security.

With the increasingly prevalent use of computers, information security also extends to IT security. One aspect of IT security is computer security, which involves the protection of the computer and everything associated with it, such as the terminals and printers, cabling, disks, tapes etc. Most importantly, it is the protection of the information stored in the system and the aim is to protect unauthorised access or damage to hardware, software and data. The Protective Security Division provides advice on computer security to Government Ministries/Departments and Statutory Boards.


The Protective Security Division also provides security advice in the protection of Government/Statutory Board buildings and key installations including Singapore's overseas missions.

Last Updated on 12 Mar 2015
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