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​​With the increasing connectivity brought about by advancements in world of information technology (IT), specifically the Internet, the issue of protection against hackers and cyber-attacks has become all the more pertinent and urgent. The ISD has been deeply involved in the issue of IT security for the last decade. It provides IT security consultancy services as well as education and training to the Civil Service and Statutory Boards.​



​Speakers at the 10th Governmentware Seminar


In 1991, the ISD conducted a seminar aimed at raising the computer security awareness of the Government agencies. The seminar, attended then by a modest number of some 50 to 60 government users, started what became known as the Governmentware Seminar which is held annually to keep the Government users updated on new features of Governmentware products. The seminar is also an opportunity to raise the awareness of the users in IT Security. Over the years, the products developed by the ISD included hard disk encryption solutions, network and communications security products, secure email, floppy disk encryption software, file-level encryption software, smart card reader etc. Since 1991, the number of participants at Governmentware seminars has been on the steady increase every year, with the last seminar in 2002 attracting an attendance of about 500 users.


In addition to updating users in the public sector on the latest development in IT security products, the ISD extends its security consultancy services to many Government departments. Some of the important national/Ministry level projects which the ISD have been involved in are the NETS’ Cash Card project, and the Secure Government Electronic Messaging System (SGEMS).​

 IT Security Seminar Series: Governmentware​


Last Updated on 12 Mar 2015
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