Highlights 2003/04


1. Bishan NPC CSSP Youth Camp 2003

To address the rising concerns of youths being involved in street corner gangs, the Central Singapore CDC worked with Police and REACH Family Service Centre to organize a youth boot camp to impart useful life, leadership and problem-solving skills. Youths also developed a greater sense of responsibility through participation in social-oriented activities such as visits to welfare homes. 

2. Cashew RCs Outreach for Toa Payoh Industrial Park NCs Citizen-On-Patrol

Increased incidences of theft from vehicles and vehicle thefts prompted grassroots leaders in Cashew District to form a Citizen-on-Patrol watch group. The joint effort between the community and the Police resulted in 3 arrests.

3. Cheng San CDEC Home Fire Prevention Programme

Fire affects people’s lives in more ways than one. Cheng San CDEC set up the Home Fire Prevention Programme to educate residents on home fire prevention, which included house visits to inspect households and provide residents with useful home fire prevention tips. Cheng San CDEC was awarded the prestigious Fire Safety Constituency Award by the National Fire Prevention Council for their efforts.

4. Clementi NPC Prevention of Crime Against Children Satellite Launch 2003

Children are the future pillars of Singapore. Grassroots and Police worked with several schools, including charitable organizations such as Jurong Gardens MINDS School and Beyond Social Services to teach our young to understand and protect themselves against crime as a result of physical, sexual or emotional abuses. 

5. Faber Hills Homemaker Crime Prevention Messages via SMS Maid Watch Group

The first of its kind, grassroots and residents in Faber Hill NC formed a Homemaker & Maid Watch Group to act as the eyes and ears of their neighbourhood. Apart from being on the alert for suspicious characters, the group also learnt basic first-aid, fire prevention and CPR from the Police and SCDF. There has been no further housebreaking in the neighbourhood. 

6. The German School Prevention Roadshow

This collaboration between The German School, The German Embassy and SCDF marked an important milestone in CSSP. Recognizing the possibility of them becoming a terrorist target, The German School proactively decided to equip students and staff with simple yet effective procedures to handle emergencies. 

7. Hasanah Mosque Youth Talk cum Home Team Exhibition With Religious Institution to Promote Crime Awareness South West CDC Community Resilience 2004 - Building a Ready Community Racial Harmaony

Religious institutions and leaders are important pillars in a multi-racial community. In a first ever joint effort outreach between a religious institution, social services and Home Team agencies, the management of Hasanah Mosque organized an exhibition cum talk to educate students and parents of Ayer Rajah Constituency on crime prevention and racial harmony. 

8. Heartware Network CSSP Challenge Camp

Involving 240 youths from 7 schools, the camp was planned and implemented by a group of vibrant and dynamic student volunteers from various academic backgrounds. Through interesting means such as scenario games and experiential outdoor performances, youths were taught community problem-solving techniques. 

9. ITE East Bedok Youth in Action

Students in various primary and secondary schools in North East CDC learnt leadership and social skills, as well as built confidence through team-building workshops. Healthy lifestyle activities also motivated students to channel their energy into more meaningful pastimes then indulge in a life of drugs, gangsterism or crime.

10. Jurong Central CDEC CSSP on Unconventional Threats

Jurong Central CDEC, together with SCDF, Police and various other Home Team agencies, organized exhibitions and demonstrations for Jurong Central residents. Residents gained first hand experience in learning to deal with threats of terrorism and counter measures against chemical warfare. 

11. Kian Teck Dormity Fire Squad

The management of Kian Teck Dormitory worked with SCDF and Police to educate tenants on the importance of fire safety and prevention. On top of fire drills and safety inspections of dormitories, tenants were also taught basic civil defence skills. The incidence of fires within the dormitory was reduced to zero.

12. Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng Safety Chong Pang CDEC Aopt a Home with Senior Citizens Security for Senior Citizens

The Chinese saying of "Having an elder in the family is likened to having a prices treasure" is most apt in describing this project. Senior citizen volunteers in Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng were trained in crime detection and prevention by the Police to report any suspicious activities which may lead to potential crime against the elderly. 

13. Pioneer Zone 6 RC Youth Police Resident on Wheels

As part of the National Crime Prevention Campaign, Pioneer Zone 6 RC worked with Police to engage youths as Crime Prevention Ambassadors in the community to patrol their neighbourhoods on bicycles. Through a system of youth-get-youth, these youth ambassadors recruited other youths, and reduced the incidence of crime within their community. 

14. Punggol South CDEC River Watch CSSP

The Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council worked with the National Environment Agency, Police, SCDF and the Punggol South CDEC to form a river watch patrol around the Sungei Serangoon area. This served to prevent further incidents of drowning and also deterred illegal immigrants and activities. 

15. Queenstown NPC Youth Crime Prevention Roadshow

Various schools worked with Care Corner Family Service Centre, Police, MCDS and the Juvenile Court to organize a Youth Crime Prevention Roadshow. Through a modular system, schools chose programmes which best suited their student profiles to communicate crime deterrent messages. 

16. Tampines GRC Cycle and Relax

Tampines Town Council, together with the North East CDC, SMRT, LTA, Police and SCDF, made cycling fun and safe. Installation of closed-circuit television sets around the bicycle bays at Tampines MRT station significantly reduced the incidence of bicycle thefts. 

17. Toa Rayoh East CDEC CSSP for Kindergarten Students Cum CD Readiness Outreach

Together with SCDF and the National Environment Agency, Toa Payoh East CDEC organized a Civil Defence Readiness Outreach Programme to teach residents how to prepare for emergencies. Using a unique approach of specially developed educational programmes and games, kindergarten students were taught fire safety both at home and in school. 

18. Geylang Serai-Kampong Ubi Hari Raya Bazaar Patrol Teams

To ensure the smooth running of the Hari Raya Bazaar, stallholders formed patrol teams and rostered themselves to patrol the area every night, working with the SCDF, Police and National Environment Agency to ensure safety and security for patrons and stallholders alike. Patrons and stallholders were also educated on the likelihood of pickpockets and fire hazards in crowded places. ​
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