Highlights 2004/05


1. Establishement of Nee Soon South EP Centre

To bring emergency preparedness closer to the residents, grassroots leaders set up an Emergency Preparedness centre within the heartlands to serve as a command and control centre for planning and preparation for emergencies. It is also a one-stop resource centre for residents to receive training in first-aid, CPR, In-Place Protection and fire fighting.

2. Outreach for Toa Payoh Industrial Park

As a result of a fire in Toa Payoh Industrial Park which killed 4 people, tenants of the industrial park formed a committee to review the safety of their workplace. Through educational talks, exhibitions and better enforcement efforts by the relevant authorities, the safety of the Industrial Park was greatly enhanced and the incidences of fire reduced.

3. CSSP for Geylang Serai Market

Following a fire at the Geylang Serai market in April 2004, the Civil Defence Executive Committee (CDEC) worked with the stallholders and merchant’s association to improve safety measures at the market. Additional fire extinguishers and hydrants were installed in and around the market, and fire hazards identified to reduce the risk of fires breaking out. Volunteers were also trained in the Community Emergency Preparedness Programmes (CEPP).

4. CSSP for Industrial Premises by Advanced Micro Devices Ltd (AMD)

Concerned with the lack of contingency plans for their staff in the event of a fire and other emergencies, the management of AMD actively engaged the National Fire Prevention Council and SCDF, to formulate evacuation plans and form emergency response teams. Apart from talks, exhibitions and joint exercises to raise awareness, staff members were also trained in the Community Emergency Preparedness Programmes (CEPP).

5. Crime Prevention Messages via SMS

To enhance the method of disseminating crime awareness information to the residents, grassroots leaders in Yew Tee worked with Police and M1 to develop a unique information-sharing platform, to disseminate crime awareness information to residents via the short messaging system (SMS). The first of its kind, residents in Yew Tee receive almost instantaneous updates via SMS on crime happenings in their neighbourhood. Residents are able to take timely preventive measures, resulting in reductions in the crime rate.

6. Home Emergency Assistance Programme

The Jurong Central CDEC enlisted the help of skilled professionals, such as healthcare professionals as well as IT and civil engineers, as volunteers to improve the self-reliance of volunteers within the CDEC. These professionals helped train and counsel residents and retailers in Jurong Central on fire safety and evacuation procedures. They also respond to minor rescue operations as and when directed by relevant authorities.

7. South West CDC Community Resilience 2004 - Building a Ready Community

South West CDC, together with SCDF and the Singapore Science Centre, educated the residents on how to deal with emergencies during blackouts, through their school-going children. Residents learnt emergency preparedness skills such as first-aid, CPR, fire safety and In-Place Protection, through the learning stations and demonstrations setup at the Singapore Science Centre.

8. Shipyard Security Watch Group

The threat of ships harbouring terrorists or transporting terrorist devices through our ports is real. ST Marine, Keppel and Jurong shipyards worked with Police to train civilian staff to detect suspicious persons and parcels passing through our port. The Police Coast Guard also provided additional sea-front patrols to complement shoreline security. Shipyard staff were taught fire-fighting skills and evacuation procedures introduced in case of attacks on the shipyards.

9. Heartland Alert Emergency Exercise

Grassroots leaders of Pasir Ris East and Pasir Ris West CCCs, together with Police, SCDF and the SMRT, conducted an exercise simulating a train bombing at the Pasir Ris MRT station. The exercise familiarized commuters and residents with emergency and evacuation procedures. Residents trained in civil defence also put their first-aid skills to good use by attending to the “injured” prior to the arrival of emergency rescue forces.

10. Launch of Defu Lane Safety and Security Watch Group

The Aljunied-Kembangan CDEC, Defu Manufacturer’s Association, Police, SCDF and tenants of Defu Lane Industrial Estate formed safety and security watch groups to address the concerns of fire, crime and terrorist threats within the industrial estate. Members were trained in fire-fighting, basic first-aid and crime prevention techniques. Joint patrols were also conducted with Police and SCDF officers.

11. Aljunied GRC Emergency Evacuation Execrise

Given the difference in make up of residents and the layout of each HDB block, the Paya Lebar CDEC worked with Police and SCDF to formulate customized emergency evacuation procedures for each HDB block in the GRC. Members of the Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) were appointed as first-aid providers, evacuation wardens, fire wardens, traffic controllers, respectively, to aid in the evacuation exercises conducted.

12. Chong Pang CDEC Aopt a Home with Senior Citizens

Elderly residents often live alone with no younger family members to take care of their needs. Students of Yishun Secondary School adopted a senior citizen each from the Chong Pang studio apartments and paid them weekly visits. Trained in fire fighting, CPR and first-aid skills, students cared for the elderly, reported fire safety defects or other risks to the relevant authorities in a timely manner, and helped the elderly better prepare for emergencies.

13. Buona Vista CCC Golden Ambassador Project

Many elderly people are illiterate and dialect speaking, and may not have access to mass media. The Buona Vista CCC therefore verbally communicated crime prevention messages to the elderly in their constituency. To ensure a more systematic coverage of needy elderly in the estate, existing elderly watch schemes were re-organized to better monitor the elderly. Basic first-aid or medical attention can also be administered in a timely manner through regular visits from trained volunteers.

14. Tanglin Trust School Engagement Project

As an outreach to help foreign students adapt to life in Singapore, the Tanglin Trust School worked with Police to familiarize the students and parents with offences such as theft, rioting, underage smoking, vandalism, drug and inhalant abuse, and the rationale behind the penalties. Such dialogues serve as an effective deterrence against crime. Counter terrorism measures were also put in place to better safeguard the school from terrorist attacks.

15. Jurong Junior College Civil Defence Club)

The Jurong Junior College First-Aid Club evolved to become the first ever Civil Defence Club in a school setup. Students are trained in SCDF’s Community Emergency Preparedness Programmes. The club promotes safety and security awareness, through training the rest of the student population in emergency preparedness activities, and volunteering their services at community events.

16. Yishun North NPC Launch of Angel Book

To help our youths better understand the consequences of breaking the law, Yishun North NPC collaborated with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Law and the schools under their care, to publish the first ever book on true life stories, written by students who have gone down the wrong path. The ANGEL book incorporated related laws concerning various crimes such as theft, shop theft, and rioting as part of Police’s efforts to deter crime among youths.

17. NPCC Crime Prevention Ambassadors Programme

Rising concerns over youth-related crimes prompted the Bedok North NPC and National Police Cadet Corps, to train a select group of cadets as Crime Prevention Ambassadors. Through the Pupils-at-Risk Guidance Programme, these CPAs also mentor at-risk upper primary students. Apart from implementing school-related CSSPs, the CPAs also participated in NPC-initiated campaigns and roadshows by disseminating crime prevention messages to the residents.​
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