Highlights 2005/06

​​​1.    Toa Payoh East GROs - Ready Card for Pre-Schoolers

To promote awareness of emergency preparedness, grassroots organizations in Toa Payoh East launched the Ready Card and Ready Bag. The Ready Card captures essential information such as the necessary medical information of the card owner and the contacts of his/her family members. This reduces the time needed to establish the owner's identitiy during an emergency. Pre-schoolers were also educated on home and fire safety.


2.    Bukit Merah View Zone BRC - Crime Prevention Light Box Sensor at Multi-Storey Carpark

The Bukit Merah View Zone B Residents' Committee worked with HDB, the Tanjong Pagar Town Council and Police to implement the Light Box Sensor system in a mulit-storey car park. When a vehicle passes under the sensor, the Light Box lights up an displays crime prevention messages to remind vehicle owners to remove cards and other valuables from their parked cars.


3.    Ang Mo Kio South NPC - Youth Infinity

Experiential development , mentorship sessions, talks on sexual relationships, conflict management, peer pressure and self esteem, and family bonding sessions, these are some of the programmers organized by the Family Service Centres and Police to help at-risk youths and their parents deal with some of the pressures which youths face today. Participating in these programmes has helped the youths become more responsible in their actions and improved the communications skills with their parents.


4.    Ang Mo Kio GRC/Tek Ghee CCC - Resilience Development School Camp

Grassroots leaders worked with schools, Police and SCDF to organize the Resilience Development Schools Camp for 14-year old students, Students acquired basic civil defence and emergency preparedness skills, as well as knowledge on counter-terrorism. The camp also acted as a platform to encourage volunteerism among youths.


5.    Singapore Sports Council - Pool Watch Scheme

The Singapore Sports Council worked with Police to implement the Pool Watch Scheme. Lifeguards from various swimming complexes were appointed as Sports Crime Prevention Ambassadors to look out for suspicious persons and activities within the pool premises. Eye-catching standeeds and signages were used to educate patrons on the importance of crime prevention.


6.    United Engineers Limited & Shell Eastern Petroleum Singapore - UE/Shell Security and Safety Task Force

With the recent security threats, a task force was set up to tackle the safety and security concerns of the tenants and residents in UE Square and the surrounding buildings. The task force implemented safety and security measures for each building in the area and organized exhibitions and training programmes on crime prevention, fire prevention, counter-terrorism and emergency preparedness for building tenants and residents.


7.    Kampong Ubi CDED - Kiddy Bag

Children are most vulnerable during an emergency. The Kampong Ubi-Kembangan CDEC put together a special Kiddy Bag to help children under the age of six years old deal with emergencies. The bag included items such as a toy, cartoon books, a whistle, biscuits and water bottle, to help keep the children occupied and reduce any anxiety the children might experience under such circumstances.


8.    Serangoon CDEC - Bomb Bomb @ Chomp Chomp

Residents who do not know how to react during an emergency may hinder rescue efforts by emergency services. The Serangoon CDEC coordinated and implemented a simulated car bomb explosion to enable volunteers of the Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) to work with emergency agencies on the handling of emergencies. Residents of Serangoon Gardens are now better prepared to deal with emergencies.


9.    Jurong Central CEDC - Petrol Station Emergency Programme with Hotwheels & WOW

Apart from crime and fire prevention, members of Hotwheels and Women On Wheels (WOW) have expanded their scope to include counter-terrorism and emergency preparedness. They worked with petroleum companies such as Chevron Singapore, ExxonMobil and the Singapore Petroleum Company to train petrol station staff to look out for suspicious characters. Members also regularly patrol these petrol stations for suspicious persons and activities.


10. Paya Lebar-Kovan CCMC - SecureRack

An anti-theft receptacle was installed for users of the open courts where basketball and street soccer games were played. Called the SecureRack, the lid is fitted with a lock and mechanical bell. Users can store their belongings in the rack while they played their games. When the lid of the rack is opened, the bell rings, alerting users of the courts of possible thefts of their belongings.


11. Aljunied Hougang GROs - CERT Engine

To increase the mobility of equipment and volunteers during emergencies, grassroots leaders of Aljunied-Hougang recruited owners of multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) as part of the Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs). The MPVs not only carry first-aid kits, fire extinguishers and other equipment required for tackling emergencies, but are also used to transport volunteers to the incident site. These MPVs will operate as first-aid or crowd control points during constituency events.


12. Pasir Ris East & West CCCs - Lock Your Ride, Mark Your Bike

To counter the rising incidences of bicycle thefts, grassroots leaders came up with a plan to have the bicycles of residents engraved with a special number code. The particulars of the owners are captured in a database. This allows for easy identification of the owner in the event missing bicycles are found. Since the implementation of this initiative in March 2005, the number of bicycle thefts dropped from 27 to 13 cases in June 2005.


13. Pasir Ris NPC - Officer Leader-Mentor Scheme Youth Camp

As part of the early intervention efforts, Police organized an Officer Leader-Mentor Scheme Youth Camp for at-risk youths to teach them how to tackle issues such as abuse of lifestyle drugs and involvement in secret societies. As Leader-Mentors to these youths, Police worked with their parents through counselling and discussion sessions, to prevent them from entering a life of crimes.


14. Kaki Bukit Centre (Prison School) - The Peace Connect Project

The Kaki Bukit Centre (Prison School) was set up to provide inmates, particularly young offenders, with an environment for learning. A rigorous all-rounded education programme was designed to help inmates develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, morally and physically. Apart from sharing at crime prevention talks in schools, they also perform various community services.


15. Canberra GROs - CSSP Rubbish Chute Fire Prevention

To educate residents on prevention of fires in rubbish chutes, grassroots leaders collaborated with the National Fire Prevention Council to create a postcard on prevention of rubbish chute fires for distribution to residents. Together with Police and the Sembawang Town Council, they conducted joint patrols and house visits to create awareness on rubbish chute fires.

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