Highlights 2007/08


1) Preparedness Begins with a Harmonious Community

The four main religious groups of Queenstown CDEC, together with the CDEC, planned an evacuation drill and a bomb explosion scenario to familiarise themselves with emergency procedures.

2) Shop House Fire Safety

Located in a constituency with the highest number of shop houses, the Kampong Glam CDEC conducted an EP Day involving a scenario of a shop house on fire, followed by an evacuation exercise. Shop house owners showed their support by endorsing on a shop house fire safety poster.

3) Nee Soon South CEP 2007

The first elaborate CEP-driven project embarked by Nee Soon South constituency, it laid the foundation and groundwork for the constituency to be better equipped and prepared for any crisis and if it were to occur, the grassroots leaders and the community would be ready to face the challenges head-on.

4) Crime Prevention and Launching of Tagore industrial Safety and Security Watch Group

As one of the oldest industrial estate in Singapore, Tagore industrial estate was surrounded by 4 neighbourhood zones, commercial firms and dormitories housing several hundred foreign workers. A concerted effort was made to involve all fractions of the community through roadshows, training courses and appointment of SSWG Ambassadors.

5) Emergency Alert Beacon (EAB)

The team implemented a security feature of a siren and blinker to enable park users to call for help in a park. This feature would also create a virtual police presence and help the police locate the victim more efficiently.

The Eunos community conducted a series of events which aimed at promoting greater neighbourliness akin to the old kampong days where neighbours know and trust one another. A council of elders comprising highly respected leaders from various ethnic and religious groups were formed to provide advice to the Eunos Mayor on issues relating to inter-religious affairs.

7) Zhenghua LRT Safe & Secure Team

The Zhenghua LRT patrol team was formed to patrol the LRT for suspicious objects, act as deterrence on the train and to educate commuters about safety and security on the train.

8) The C-Patron

With a surge in theft from vehicles and mischief to vehicles cases, a Car Park Watch Group cum Patrolman (C-Patron) was formed to embark on a series of preventive patrols. Residents could also inform the C-Patrons their vehicle details and duration that they would be away, so that there could be frequent visits by the team.

9) Citizen-On-Surveillance (COS)

Cases of lightning conductor strips and joss stick urn thefts at the BraddellHeights constituency spurred the team to get residents to keep an active watch over their neighbourhood and to provide vital information on any suspicious activities.

10) I-Watch

As several units in Chong Pang had been affected by unlicensed money lending harassment, I-Watch was formed to patrol the levels and units affected as well as common areas to look out for suspicious characters and report to the Police.

11) Marine Parade Eldercare Project

A matured housing estate with a growing proportion of elderly residents, the Marine Parade team tackled the problem by distributing low-cost contact alarms to elderly residents living alone and conducted talks for them.

12) Reform Through Volunteerism

Selected youths who committed fire related offences were sent to SCDF, to perform their community service by participating in public education effort. The grassroots were also involved in this project by assimilating the youths into their community. Through this assimilation process, the grassroots tackled the root problem of youths, which may well be the lack of positive influence or attention.

13) SANMINA- SCI Emergency Preparedness Day for Chai Chee & Bedok South SSWG Clusters

Samina-SCI sought the support of SCDF and SPF to formulate a coordinated emergency response and business-continuity plan. A Company Emergency Response Team (CERT) was formed and a joint Emergency Preparedness exercise in conjunction with the company’s annual Emergency Preparedness Day was organised.

14) Discovering Vigilance, Being Ready

An exercise was conducted at Sentosa to ensure that a contingency plan was put in place to ensure safe evacuation and proper management of any disaster scenarios.

15) Workers on Watch (WOW)

Theft of metal related items in construction site and theft from vehicle resulted in the introduction of the Workers on Watch programme where workers were trained to perform surveillance duties to tackle the rise of such thefts.

16) Yellow Ribbon Community Art Exhibition

Organised for the first time in 2007, art was used as a medium to spread the Yellow Ribbon message of acceptance and second chance for ex-offenders and their families.

17) CSSP for Pre-Schools

Staff, students and parents of pre-schools were imparted emergency preparedness knowledge and skills.

18) Student Enforcer Alertness Group III (SEAG III)

Students of HillgroveSecondary School were equipped with knowledge and skills in dealing with security and safety issues in their schools and surroundings.

19) Youth R3 – Rebuild, Reunite, Revitalise – Shaping Tomorrow’s Youth

To reach out to youths, the programme exposed them to a series of social, educational, awareness, counselling and community service activities through a period of eight months.

20) Jurong West NPC Youth Partner Scheme Competition

As student volunteers tend to be less active in their involvement with the Police after fulfilling their Community Involvement Hours (CIP), a system was put in place to promote healthy competition and encourage active participation.

21) NTU Safety and Security Ambassador

NTU Safety and Security Ambassadors were appointed to promote safety and security consciousness among students in NTU, especially foreign students.​
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