Highlights 2009/10


Constituency category

1) Citizens On Train Patrol @ South West
Drawing from the bomb blast incidents in Madrid, London and Calcutta, there was a need to raise vigilance against terrorism in public transportation. South West Community Development Council (CDC) initiated “Citizens On Train Patrol @ South West” which trained volunteers and grassroots leaders in the South West district in crime prevention and emergency preparedness. A train emergency exercise was also conducted for more than 500 participants in January 2009.
2) Geylang Serai Community Engagement Programme with Religious Organisations
The importance of galvanising the various religious organisations when a crisis happens is the key focus of this project. The Geylang Serai C2E had planned exercises with stakeholders throughout the year. Representatives from temples, mosques, foreign workers dormitories and clan associations were engaged in tabletop exercises and introduced to the Community Emergency and Preparedness Programme (CEPP), Community Engagement Programme (CEP), crime prevention and other EP related activities.
3) Community Resilience Day @ HarbourFront
Tanglin-Cairnhill grassroots leaders worked closely with Clementi Police Division and SCDF to engage participants from educational institutions, business communities and grassroots organisations within the HarbourFront cluster to partake in a tabletop exercise and learnt about crime prevention and fire safety in the one-day programme.
4) Emergency Readiness for Senior Citizens
Pasir Ris East C2E launched an Emergency Readiness Bag for senior citizens to engage and educate them on the importance of emergency preparedness. It included a personalised card with the individual’s particulars and medical history, a shrill alarm and a torch light for use in an emergency. Talks and exhibitions on crime awareness and fire hazards were also conducted during the launch of the Readiness Bag.
5) Sembawang Town Council Frontiers
Chong Pang C2E co-opted frontline workers such as cleaners to look out for suspicious objects or characters and to render assistance to residents in times of emergency. Town Council supervisors and workers received basic civil defence survival skills training from the Singapore Civil Defence Force and benefited from briefings on crime prevention by the Police. 
6) Elderly in Your EState (EYES)
EYES ambassadors comprising student leaders from Republic Polytechnic and Woodlands Secondary were engaged by Marsiling Citizen’s Consultative Committee (CCC). They were appointed to advocate the spirit of community safety and security to the elderly in Marsiling. A training workshop held in Mar this year further imparted security knowledge and counselling skills to the 60 ambassadors towards their crime prevention efforts for the elderly.
7) Multi Racial EP In Chinatown
To create a safer environment for visitors, Kreta Ayer - Kim Seng C2E spearheaded the programme with Singapore Civil Defence Force and the Police to fire-proof Chinatown complex. Members from the neighbouring religious institutions were also taught emergency preparedness skills which they in turn disseminated to the tenants of the complex.
8) United Against Crime 2009
Ang Mo Kio Police Division’s United Against Crime 2009 involved the grassroots leaders in the area to mobilise the community towards crime-fighting. That message was reinforced in the month-long intensive crime-prevention activities that targeted theft related crimes and the unlicensed money lending scourge.
9) Integrated Contingency Plan for Sengkang Square Cluster
Punggol Central C2E initiated the project with the aim to empower stakeholders with knowledge and skills to handle an emergency before help from responders arrived. The entire process of the ICP comprised 4Rs- Relook existing plans, Retrain responders in skills such as first aid and basic fire fighting, Replan and Reinforce skills by conducting scenario drills involving tenants and the public.
10) Seletar Private Estate is Ready
Cheng San – Seletar C2E, together with government agencies, engaged residents from the Seletar Hill private estate to look into local safety and security issues through an Emergency Preparedness day. The EP day educated them in fire safety, emergency preparedness, first aid and CPR knowledge.  It also included a scenario drill depicting an explosion in a coffee-shop setting. 
11) Radin Mas Educationists’ Emergency Preparedness Booklet
An emergency preparedness booklet was created by Radin Mas C2E to educate pre-schoolers on crucial life-saving topics such as fire safety and tremors. It also introduced the importance of ethnic and religious cohesion within the community. The booklet was then presented to about 200 grassroots leaders, pre-school teachers and parents during a graduation ceremony.
12) UML-related CSSP Projects
i. Mobilising the NWG - Nee Soon East Neighbourhood Watch Group Cluster Project
The implementation of the Neighbourhood Watch Group (NWG) for Nee Soon East saw residents come forward to share crime-related information as well as help look out for suspicious unlicensed money lending activities in the vicinity. To date, 8 of the 35 UML-related arrests were attributed to the timely information of the NWG. Those efforts were also featured in the Apr 2010 episode of the Crime Watch Series.
ii. "No Loansharks!"
"No Loansharks!" educated both youths and adults on the consequences of unlicensed money lending. Through the project, a female resident in Bukit Panjang joined the NWG in her district and subsequently provided the Police with information that led to the arrest of a loanshark runner.
iii. Anti Unlicensed Money Lending – Neighbourhood Watch Group Outreach
A briefing on unlicensed money lending was conducted for members of the Jurong East NWG and grassroots leaders. The heightened awareness gained from the talk increased the number of NWG members by more than two-fold, and resulted in a few arrests bring made with the assistance of those members.
iv. NWG @ Canberra Community Against Loan Shark Harassment
Loansharks have been harassing the innocent neighbours of those who borrow from them, causing fear, anger and inconvenience. In this project, the Police worked closely with the residents to ambush a particular loanshark who was eventually captured
v. Unlicensed Money Lender Harassment Intervention Squad
The Unlicensed Money Lender Harassment Intervention Squad was set up to combat unlicensed money lending in Buona Vista, Queenstown, Ulu Pandan and Dover. It was a joint initiative by grassroots leaders, town council workers, residents and Police to tackle such cases.
vi. Clementi Neighbourhood Police Centre Neighbourhood Watch Group Against Loansharks Harassment
This project roped in the neighbours of victims of loanshark harassment to look out for suspicious persons or activities. One arrest had been made with information provided by a NWG member to the Police. The incidences of loanshark harassment at Highgate Crescent also decreased significantly after the formation of the NWG.
vii. Serangoon Neighbourhood Watch Group for Unlicensed Money Lenders
The victims and neighbours of victims of unlicensed money lending formed a NWG in Serangoon. The NWG had been instrumental in helping to disseminate information and in keeping a look out for suspicious characters in the neighbourhood.
viii. Fight Against Unlicensed Money Lender (Loanshark)
The aim of this project was to equip residents and grassroots leaders with basic knowledge on how to handle harassment situations. The project also educated teenagers on the consequences of being loanshark runners.

School/Youth category

1) Youth - Community Outreach Patrol (Youth COP)
“Youth COP” proactively engaged at-risk students through a series of activities with the aim of turning them away from crime and bad influence, and making them feel valued as members of society. In turn, the students did their part by crafting innovative ways to reach out to the community to help keep the estates safe and secure. For example, they came up with crime intervention messaging on anti-loansharking, shop theft and glue sniffing to spread to their peers.
2) PA CERT Badge for NCDCCS
The school Community Emergency Response Team programme is part of the People’s Association (PA) efforts to build up community emergency preparedness through the grassroots and young volunteers. The PA CERT badge was presented to National Civil Defence Cadet Corps cadets from the North West district in recognition of their participation in EP programmes and promotion of EP messages to residents in the community.
3) Working with the Community (JurongJunior College’s Public Education Effort)
To create awareness on safety and security issues, the Jurong Junior College (JJC) Civil Defence Club organised a Civil Defence telematch for members of the public at the Nanyang Emergency Preparedness Day. In addition, JJC has been active in promoting fire safety to secondary schools and supporting the Singapore Civil Defence Force in its events.
4) Vigilance and Resilience in our Youths
The Youth Resilience Camp aimed to equip youths with knowledge on emergency procedures in view of the current threat of terrorism. The youths were learnt about the following areas- safety and security in public transportation, resilience building among the different racial and religious communities and preparedness in the face of unconventional threats.
5) Project Nurture
A crime prevention exercise book was created to educate young children on crime prevention measures and the consequences of committing crime. Useful notes and tools for parents also stress the need for preparedness from an early age and reinforce crime prevention messages in them. The Bukit Batok Neighbourhood Police Centre had linked up with schools in the district to use the book as an educational tool.

Open category

1) Toh Guan Patriots
To extend crime prevention outreach to dormitories in Toh Guan district, Clementi Neighbourhood Police Centre and other agencies spearheaded an action plan to engage the foreign community in crime prevention efforts. The project also created opportunities for collaboration and cohesion building between the local and foreign population.
The Toh Guan Patriots, together with the grassroots and Clementi NPC officers, will continue to conduct joint patrols in the housing estates of Toh Guan on a monthly basis. They will also assist the Police in disseminating crime prevention messages to their fellow foreign workers at dormitory crime prevention roadshows.
2) The Hotel All-Ready Project
The project aimed to enhance the readiness and resilience of hotels in Singapore. Hoteliers within the Central district attended the Community Emergency Preparedness Programme, from which 5 participated in the pilot programme on customised In Place Protection[2]. The Hotelier IPP Bag was also introduced to encourage local hotels to be prepared for an emergency.
3) Raising Level of Awareness Among Domestic Workers (My domestic workers involved in CSSP)
To overcome the lack of safety and security knowledge among foreign domestic workers, the Singapore Civil Defence Force, with the support of the Police, Immigration & Checkpoints Authority and National Environment Agency, organised a one-day programme to introduce the concepts of fire safety, crime prevention, prohibited items and importance of a mosquito-free environment to them. SCDF will be embarking on another CSSP project involving foreign workers, similar to last year's project, targeting foreign workers from the various dormitories under CCK NPC jurisdiction (done in collaboration with SPF). This project will be carried out in Nov this year.
4) Crisis Befriender Volunteer Programme
To enhance the psycho-social response capability of the community in a crisis and its aftermath, the programme trained a pool of volunteers known as the Crisis Befrienders. Crisis Befrienders would stand ready for deployment during a crisis to offer psychological first aid. This is to help the community recover in the aftermath of a crisis.
5) JurongIsland – “Healthy Lifestyle, Safety and Security Awareness Day” Evacuation Exercise
The project saw 2,000 foreign workers participate in an evacuation exercise on Jurong Island. Through the exercise, the relevant government agencies and dormitory operators were made aware of the strengths and lapses of existing evacuation procedures. Foreign worker crime ambassadors from mainland dormitories also shared crime prevention tips with their fellow country men. ​
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