Highlights 2010/11


Excellence Award Recipients
1)    Block Star Exercise 2011
BlockStar was planned almost five years ago by Nee Soon South Constituency to prepare the heartlanders for any foreseeable emergencies that may happen in the HDB blocks.

A detailed standard operations procedure (SOP) for all related agencies likeSCDF 3rd Division, Yishun South NPC, HDB and Ang Mo Kio-Yio Chu Kang Town Council, and committees in Nee Soon South to follow in times of emergencies was tested during the exercise.

A table-top exercise with all stakeholders was also conducted to develop a realistic scenario for the exercise. With strong support from all agencies the exercise was successfully conducted. Residents were also thoroughly immersed in the exerciseand gained first-hand knowledge on how to react and handle emergencies in the heartlands.
2) Further Enhancing Community Involvement

The Jurong Junior College Civil Defence Club (JJC CDC) started out with teaching basic CPR lessons, promoting safety and security awareness to their peers within the school. The entire school cohort is trained in emergency preparedness skills on a yearly basis.

In 2008, the JJC CDC went beyond the JJC campus and conducted training in first aid and CPR to other schools and school uniform groups. In 2009, they began to collaborate with the Home Team in their community events to enhance the people’s resilience and level of emergency preparedness.
Constituency Category

1)    Block Star Exercise 2011
Block Star Exercise involved the residents of Nee Soon South in an evacuation drill based on an explosion scenario. The Emergency Preparedness Messaging System (EPMS) and new media platforms (Facebook and Twitter) were also launched to provide updates and crisis information to the residents.
2)    Thomson EP Day Telematch and Amazing Hunt 2010
The Emergency Preparedness (EP) Day was organised to inform residents of the various emergency service providers and religious organisations located in Thomson. The event comprised tours to religious associations such as the Singapore Jain Religious Society and Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple. A game – Amazing Hunt 2010 – was conducted for residents to learn about the locations of the key organisations and their roles in times of crisis.
3)    EP Day 2010 incorporating the launch of “CRO Vehicle”
Ang Mo Kio-Hougang Community Emergency and Engagement Committee (C2E)[1], formerly known as Aljunied-Hougang C2E, and CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) worked with Home Team agencies to train and prepare residents to deal with emergencies including the terrorist threat. The SCDF’s Community Response and Outreach (CRO) vehicle which provides a basic and immediate first response to first aid, fire-fighting and crowd control was also launched at the event.
4)    Project NWZ Engagement Team @ Work (Project [email protected])
To address crime within Bukit Timah, Clementi and West Coast Resident Committees (RCs), the project initiated the formation of a watch group comprising Neighhourhood Watch Zone (NWZ) members from the participating RCs to complement existing RC-centric Citizens on Patrol (COP) patrols. The borderless NWZ bicycle and foot patrol team encouraged networking and sharing of crime-related information among the RCs to identify and tackle common community concerns.
5)    Nee Soon East Emergency Preparedness “Water Distribution” Exercise
The exercise aimed to prepare residents for a water shortage emergency. It comprised three components – (i) Planning, where stakeholders discussed and refined their emergency response plans; (ii) Training, in which SCDF provided Safety & Security Watch Group (SSWG) and CERT training to the community and (iii) Validation, where the response plans and skills taught were put to the test in an EP exercise.
6)    Elderly Friendly Signalised Pedestrian Crossing
To address difficulties faced by the elderly in using an overhead bridge and the consequent problem of jaywalking, Dakota grassroots leaders initiated a signalised pedestrian crossing to facilitate road crossing.
7)    CERT Youth Recruitment Camp 2010
The camp educated youths on key security and emergency preparedness issues and organised house visits in which youths gathered data on the elderly in the Marine Parade constituency to tackle elderly-related crimes and emergencies. Besides instilling a need for vigilance, the project also sought to identify and groom future CERT leaders.
8)    Ubin Community on Patrol (U-COP)
Grassroots organizations from Siglap Constituency and various government agencies got together to tackle safety and security concerns that caused increasing bicycle incidents within Pulau Ubin. Among the enhancements are improved road terrains and signs, deployment of volunteer medical personnel on weekends and enhanced response plan to emergencies within the island.
9)    Rivervale Against Shark (RAS)
To tackle loan shark harassment in Punggol East constituency, its seven RCs – Rivervale Court, Gardens, Grove, Horizon, Spring, Village and Vista RCs have joined forces with Sengkang NPC to create a safe living environment for Punggol East residents. Together, they formulated an action plan consisting of the following elements – (i) formation of Neighbourhood Watch Groups (NWG) as eyes and ears on the ground; (ii) training and information sharing between Sengkang NPC and the NWGs; and (iii) deployment of mobile close circuit televisions (CCTV) at affected locations in each of the seven RCs.
School/Youth Category

1)    PAP Community Foundation (PCF)Little Ambassadors Programme
The project equipped pre-schoolers, their parents and teaching staff with emergency preparedness knowledge and culminated in a fire drill exercise. Of note was that the pre-schoolers were introduced to the concept of communal harmony and given scenario-based problems on racial/religious issues to discuss and share. A Young Emergency Ambassadors box containing safety and security messages, first aid materials and a torchlight was also created and distributed to other PCF schools.
2)    Striving Together & Raising Awareness in Keeping Our Estate Safe (S.T.R.I.K.E 2010)
This project aimed to educate youths in a fun and interactive way. Students from secondary schools in Cluster West 6 participated in building and constructing 3 crime prevention games namely:

i.      A'maze'ing Race (Handheld 3D Tilt Maze)
ii.     Spin De Wheel
iii.    Master Piece (Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Game)

In the course of constructing the games, the students researched on crimes in Singapore and how to prevent these crimes. Consequently, it helps to instil self learning, on the job knowledge as well as being creative. The winning projects are now utilised by Bukit Panjang NPC to raise awareness for crime prevention at block parties and crime prevention events.
3)    Youth-In-Action Programme
First introduced in 2005, the Youth-In-Action programme has been well-received by the schools and students. To date, over 500 students from Jurong Junior College, Hong Kah and Hua Yi Secondary Schools were appointed as Youth Partners.
This programme aims to engage youths in preventing and deterring crime in the community. Their abundant ideas, passion and commitment, doubled with basic community policing knowledge gained from the Youth Partner Training workshops conducted by Jurong West NPC, enable them to contribute and assist in driving CSSP projects.
To ensure the youth partners’ active and continual involvement in the programme, Jurong West Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC) motivates the students by promoting healthy competition among them and rewarding them with incentives. A system has been put in place to track the students’ community policing activities by police mentors. Awards such as Appreciation Award, Most Active Youth Partner Award, Most Active Youth Partner Group Award and Innovative Award are given to the Youth Partners to recognize their contributions.
4)    Project Green Leaf 2010
Project Green Leaf 2010 (PGL) is initiated by Ang Mo Kio Police Division in the year 2010. It involves engaging secondary schools that fall within the area under the Division to educate and ‘reform’ a selected pool of at risk students. Under this project, 20 secondary schools with a total of 180 students enrolled in this programme. They went through a series of educational programs which included visits to Changi Prison, talks by the Central Narcotic Bureau (CNB), Singapore Customs, Police, counselling sessions by Family Service Centre, mentoring sessions by trainers, a one-day camp at NPCC campsite (Pulau Ubin) and a one-day amazing race at Universal Studio Singapore. The students will only “graduate” from the program after they have gone through all the various activities planned and are “crime-free”. At the end of program, there will be a graduation ceremony. Following which, the schools involved will continue to monitor the students and provide feedback to Police on their behaviour and attitude. Police will also monitor whether there is a reduction in youth crimes involving the students.
5)    Further Enhancing Community Involvement
Responding to the need to go beyond the school to promote safety and security to the community at large, members of the Jurong Junior College Civil Defence Club participated in 2 public education programmes – Community Emergency and Preparedness Programme (CEPP) [2] and Police Youth Partners. This is to help conduct basic first aid training and assist in crime prevention exhibitions for the public. The members have also assisted in conducting CEPP training for uniform groups of various schools during school holidays, such as first aid, fire fighting and Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). These activities were carried out on top of the ongoing fire safety programme in school. It was also successful in promoting ethnic and religious understanding among the community as its members interact with the general public coming from various backgrounds.
6)    Safety & Security at Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
NTU aimed to promote safety and security to its student population, a task made more challenging with the influx of foreign students, the various technical courses which involve hazardous material and the need for continuity to educate the new student cohort every year. NTU thus held the Safety & Security Campaign over the orientation week to raise such awareness among the student body.
7)    Da’ Hip Rock Affairz 2 Say “No” to Loan Sharks!
Bukit Panjang NPC, in collaboration with National Youth Council, Ministry of Community Development Youth and Sports, North West Community Development Council, Zhenghua Citizens’ Constituency Committee, Zhenghua Youth Executive Committee, Bukit Panjang Youth Executive Committee and Cashew Youth Executive Committee, came up with the idea of using a dance competition to reach out to the youths. Bukit Panjang NPC then embarked on CSSP project entitled “Da’Hip-Rock Affairz (Say “No” to Loan Sharks). Youths would be grooving to the theme of “Anti-Illegal Money Lending” and saying “No Loan Sharks!” in a dance competition. This struck a chord with our fun-loving youths and drove home the message that crime does not pay amidst the revelry.
Open Category

1)    Safety and Security Campaign @ Serangoon Dormitory
In the continuous effort of instilling crime prevention and awareness for foreign workers, a Safety & Security Campaign was held at the Serangoon dormitory located at Boundary Close. It was a fun-filled day with activities conducted by the Singapore Police Force, Ministry of Manpower, Singapore Customs, and the Singapore Civil Defence Force. Foreign workers in the dormitory were briefed on the “Do's & Don'ts” from a security and safety perspective. Besides talks, interactive booths were also put together to engage these workers as well as showcase the various capabilities of the agencies. Workers were also treated to hands-on activities, such as simple fire extinguishing. The campaign was a success as there were no reports of crime or fire at the dormitory after that.
2)    MiCSSP (My domestic workers involve in CSSP)
Since many Singaporeans turn to their domestic workers to run the households due to various work commitments, it was important that domestic workers be updated on issues pertaining to home safety and security. Domestic workers who attended the MiCSSP 2009 were sent for subsidised certification courses in first aid and CPR. Together with SCDF & SPF, PA roped in these domestic workers as assistants to aid the trainers in explaining to the new participants in various CSSP projects. This led to increased safety and security awareness among domestic workers as well as maintained the readiness and emergency preparedness of domestic workers.
3)    Integrated Contingency Plan at Tampines Retail Park
Being the largest retail park in Singapore, three of the companies housed within the Tampines Retail Park – Courts, Ikarno and Giant – joined hands with Home Team agencies to enhance the safety and security of the park. Various outreach programmes were conducted to instill safety and security awareness among the staff and visitors.
4)    Community Befriending Project
The Community Befriending Project (CBP) was launched in September 2010 as part of an initiative by the Committee of Preventing Re-offending (CPR). Targeted at offenders with little or no family support, the project saw 40 offenders signing up for the first run. Correspondingly, 40 volunteers from 11 different agencies signed up as volunteer-befrienders to these inmates. All volunteer-befrienders were required to attend training by Singapore After-Care Association (SACA) to equip them with the knowledge and skills to provide guidance and support for the offenders throughout the project. These befrienders provided positive social support and guidance to the inmates through letter-writing in the initial stages, and would visit the inmates in the last three months of the inmates’ incarceration.
5)    Workers on Watch (WOW)
The 'Workers on Watch' (WOW) was a joint initiative first launched on 31 Oct 2008 by Changi NPC, Changi Simei GROs and East Coast Town Council. Conservancy workers from East Coast Town Council were trained on basic law knowledge and crime prevention techniques. These WOW volunteers then acted as ‘eyes and ears’ for the Police. With positive feedback from residents and the agencies involved, the initiative was subsequently expanded to Tampines. Agencies such as Tampines Town Council, SCDF, NCPC, Singapore Customs and Traffic Police were brought in during the 2nd launch on 24 Feb 2010. A total of 50 conservancy workers were trained by the various agencies on topics such as Road Safety, Fire Safety, contraband items and crime prevention. Since this latest launch and training workshop, a vigilant WOW volunteer successfully detected 2 boxes of contraband cigarettes and unpaid liquor hidden inside a switch room at the HDB void deck and alerted the Police. In another case, through keen observation and alertness, volunteers from Simei WOW managed to help solve a case at a HDB open carpark.
6)    Domestic H.E.L.P (Home Emergency Learning Programme)
The six-month long programme equipped domestic workers with emergency skills and knowledge so that they would be ready to face emergencies and more importantly, prevent home fire incidences. An emergency leaflet containing fire prevention and community engagement messages was also created in Bahasa Indonesia for distribution.
7)    Town Council Workers on Watch (TORCH)
Town Council conservancy workers were involved in this project to look out for suspicious persons loitering in the estates and also to serve as the additional ‘eyes and ears’ for the residents and the Police to enhance crime-fighting efforts at all fronts. As a result, TORCH was officially formed on 24th July 2010 with 379 Town Council Conservancy Workers under Aljunied GRC participating in the programme.​
[1] This was previously known as Aljunied-Hougang C2E. It is within the Ang Mo Kio GRC.
[2] An instructional, face-to-face public education programme by the SCDF, the CEPP provides both theory and practical training and comprises 5 modules which cover First Aid, Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Fire Safety and Casualty Evacuation, Emergency Preparedness for War and Emergency Preparedness for Unconventional Threats.

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