Highlights 2011/12


Constituency Category

1) Peacekeepers of Parc Lumiere Estate
The first private estate where residents took the initiative to form a patrol unit to ensure safety and security in their estate.
2)   Nee Soon Central Women-In-Action Team
The Nee Soon Central Women-In-Action Team is about empowering residents through training, and providing a structure to report suspicious characters loitering in the neighbourhood.
3)   Sembawang Block Fire Evacuation Exercise
The systematic organisation of block evacuations has resulted in the residents of Sembawang being more calm and orderly when faced with the need to evacuate.
4)   Launch of Emergency Preparedness 123 in Serangoon Constituency
With the EP 123 programme, grassroots organisations have been able to gain a foothold in the private estates and promote neighbourliness through emergency preparedness.
5)   Ayer Rajah ENHANCE F.A.I.R Outreach
The foreign domestic helpers learnt first aid together with their employers, assuring the employers that their helpers would be able to render aid when required.
6)   EP School Engagement Programme @ Bendemeer Secondary School
Students were tasked to spread safety and security messages through house-to-house visits with the grassroots leaders.
7)   Ready Homes Validation for Rental Flats
The students felt more connected to the community, as the residents had benefited from the house visits and were better able to ensure their houses were civil defence ready.
8)   Building A Safer Home
Students of Meridian Primary School were roped in to demonstrate through self made props, the correct procedures during a fire evacuation.
9)   Anti-Shark Programme (ASP) @ Canberra
The number of runners apprehended has increased significantly, making residents less susceptible to attacks from unlicensed money lender runners.

School/Youth Category

1)   B.R.E.E.D (Bedok Reservoir Emergency Enhancement Day) for Schools and Youths
The project aims to reduce youth crime through increasing the awareness of students and youths on safety and security skills.
2)   Delta League
The project aims to engage youths during the school holiday periods to keep youths out of crime and bring a positive change to their lives through regular interactions with the Police and community partners.
3)   Emergency Awareness Begins with Youth and Me!
This project is a joint project with NCDCC and schools in assisting to spread the concept of CD Ready Home via house-to-house visits.
4)   Masagos Cup – Futsal Tournament 2011
The project aims to help youths stay crime-free and become contributing individuals to society through instilling team spirit, leadership qualities and building strong mentor-mentee relationships.
5)   NCDCC Urban Adventure CD Skills Challenge
The event involved the creative use of infusing CD skills and educating racial harmony through competition as a platform.
6)   Safety and Security Awareness at ITE College West
Since the set-up of ITE-CD Lionhearters Club in 2011, the CD Lionhearters have been actively providing first aid training, alongside SCDF personnel, during EP days.
7)   Supporting Parents Neighbourhood Group (SPRING)
The need for early intervention is emphasised through inviting parents of youths to attend a workshop and focus group discussion on active parenting.

Open Category

1)   Community Outreach Project (COP)
COP aims to render support and assistance to the offenders’ families while offenders serve out their prison sentences.
2)   Emergency Preparedness @ APEX Harmony Lodge
The project aims to educate the staff on safety and security measures and draft an emergency contingency plan for fast and proper evacuation through conducting training.
3)   Emergency Preparedness @ Sentosa
The project aims to strengthen emergency alertness and crisis consciousness on Sentosa island through evacuation and rescue exercises and reinforcing the fire safety training.
4)   Joint Exercise with Outward Bound  School, Singapore
A simulated scenario was mooted to test out capabilities of the in-house Emergency Response Team in their response to an emergency.
5)   NUH Security Week
The project aims to assess and detect security lapse and recognise and reward good security practices of each and every ward, clinic and office in NUH.
6)   One Community @ Defu
A customised CEPP was prepared for Defu business managers and fire extinguisher training for the mass workers was conducted to extend the outreach efforts further.

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