Highlights 2012/13

​​​Constituency Category​​


1.    CEP-IRCC EP Day 2012: EP Maze & Deepa Oil Ignite Celebrations

This project promoted the building of strong communal ties among different ethnic groups. This was achieved through the common celebration of festivals.


2.    COP @ PSRS (Punggol-Serangoon Reservoir Scheme)

This project was launched to encourage residents to take ownership of public safety and cleanliness of the Punggol-Serangoon Reservoir waterway.


3.    Delta Citizenry - Community Engagement Event "Everyone can play a part to ensure the safety and security of the neighbourhood"

This programme focused on creating awareness among residents and enhancing engagement of residents to allow an effective mobilisation in times of need.


4.    Geylang Bahru and Rochor Aged Community Engagement (GRACE)

To create greater awareness on crime trends affecting the elderly, handheld alarms were handed out to the elderly residents of Kolam Ayer during house visits. Quarterly crime awareness talks were also conducted for these residents.


5.    Radin Mas CSSP for the Elderly

This project was initiated to address the level of emergency preparedness among elderly residents living in Radin Mas Constituency.


6.    Safe Haven Ayer Rajah Estate Emergency Relief Centre

The first emergency relief centre was launched at Ayer Rajah to serve as a focal point for any community-based emergency response measures in times of crisis.


7.    Senior Citizens Outreach Programme on Emergencies (SCOPE) at Kembangan-Chai Chee Estates

This project promoted self-help among senior citizens in keeping their estate fire safe through house-to-house visits and demonstration of the proper use of fire extinguishers.


8.    United as ONE in Togetherness for Safety & Security of our Estates & Everyone 

This project promoted greater awareness about safety and security within the estate, which consisted of educational institutes, transport nodes and residental areas.


9.    Vertical Stretcher Challenge - Clutter-free Corridor and Common Area Saves Life and Protect Property

This project highlighted the use of innovative approach to showcase the dangers of cluttered corridors and common areas.

School/Youth Category

1.    Delta League 2012 

Besides using the soccer tournament as a platform to engage the youths, various crime prevention activities such as the anti bicycle theft e-poster competition were introduced to inject a new flavour.


2.    Enhancing the Lifeskills Module 

Recognising the relevance of the emergency preparedness skills taught during the Community Emergency Preparedness Programme, both ITE College West and East extended the EP module to students of all cohorts in the colleges.


3.    Future Leaders in You (FLY) 

This project engaged the student leaders from the uniformed groups to be ambassadors to convey crime prevention messages to their peers and act as the eyes and ears of the Police.


4.    NCDCC Urban Adventure CD Skills Challenge 

This programme was one of the annual inter-unit competitions that NCDCC has conducted to challenge the cadets in their application of CD skills and knowledge in an outdoor environment.


5.    PA-SCDF Home Validation with School CERT 

This initiative involved the sharing of statistics on fire and crime occurrences and prevention tips to create awareness among the residents. As a result, there was a significant reduction in the number of rubbish chute and common area fires and bicycle thefts.


6.    Sentosa Outreach Program 

Student cadets from the National Police Cadet Corps promoted crime prevention and beach safety at the three beaches at Sentosa through giving out pamphlets and offering prevention advice.


Open Category


1.    Alexandra Hospital Safety & Security Week 2012

Alexandra Hospital worked with Queenstown NPC and SCDF to share knowledge of components on fire safety and security.


2.    Anti-Drug Abuse Campaign (ADAC) 2012

ADAC consisted of a series of anti-drug activities to create awareness and support for the anti-drug cause from Jun to Aug 2012.


3.    GRLs FWs 3Es Connect Concept (Engage, Educate and Enforce) Year 2012 

The project ensured foreign workers are self sufficient in terms of basic emergency response and to reduce communal tension between foreign workers and the locals.


4.    NUH Safety and Security Week 

NUH and Queenstown NPC embarked on a CSSP project that enhanced the security and operational readiness of the hospital.


5.    One Community @ Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 

This project consisted of a four-phase engagement process to improve the premises owners' ability to cope with fire safety concerns and crime prevention.


6.    Project FIRST WATCH (FIRe SafeTy Workers AT Common Housing Areas) 

This project involved conducting regular joint fire safety site inspections and train residents and the conservancy workers of Ang Mo Kio Town Council to spot potential fire hazards by SCDF officers.


7.    Project FORWARD

Good arrest cases, which were made possible with the assistance of the foreign workers, were testaments to the success of Project FORWARD which encouraged dormitory operators and workers to be vigilant, observant and to detect suspicious behaviours within the vicinity of their dormitories.

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