09 Mar 2014

Comments by Mr Teo Chee Hean, Deputy Prime Minister, Coordinating Minister for National Security and Minister for Home Affairs on the Woodlands dash-through Incident on 8 March 2014

​​             “The incident yesterday reinforces the findings of the review after the January dash-through: The alarm and barrier systems at the checkpoints are inadequate, and they need to be improved and strengthened considerably. Furthermore, the response protocols and training of officers at the checkpoint need to be improved sharply in parallel with the physical improvements. I have directed Commissioner ICA to implement measures to better secure our checkpoints as soon as possible.  He will also review if there are further enhancements needed arising from yesterday’s incident.

              In yesterday’s incident, Police put out an immediate alert to all Police resources, as well as to taxis, to look out for the vehicle and driver. CID was also activated, and Police and ICA worked together to track down the driver. This is in accordance with the SOP for such incidents. Police will study whether further improvements can be made in tracking down such cases.”


Last Updated on 15 Jun 2015
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