19 Oct 2006

Comments of DPM and Minister for Home Affairs Wong Kan Seng at the visit to the Harmony Centre, 19 October 2006

During DPM Wong's visit to the Harmony Centre in the An-Nahdhah Mosque this evening, he commended the Harmony Centre as a "very good community initiative". He said, "It promotes an understanding of Islam among our Singaporeans and it's good that Singaporeans know what other religious beliefs and customs there are. And not just of Islam but also of other religions. So I would say an initiative like that by MUIS is an excellent initiative and I hope that the others will also do the same in engaging the community and promoting an understanding of the different religions within Singapore."

2 DPM said that to have a multi-racial, multi-religious Singapore which lives in harmony, we have to go beyond words to practise it as well. He said, "We are a small compact society; we live right next to each other. It is all the more important that we understand each other. Particularly in today's context, we have terrorist threats, we have all kinds of problems that we face. The stronger Singaporeans feel together as one people, the more resilient we will be in overcoming the problems that we face."

3 When asked about the Community Engagement Programme, DPM Wong explained that there are five different clusters, each led by a Minister. He added that "Each cluster is now sketching out in detail what they will do to foster and enhance the Community Engagement Programme. Next year, we will have a plan to inform the public about what each of these groups is doing, and then separately at a future date, how the five groups are going to work together in the event of a need to calm the community when there is a terrorist attack or a crisis."

19 OCTOBER 2006


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