10 Aug 2006

Issued by Police in response to media queries on 10 Aug 2006

The reported bombing plot against aviation in London underlines the seriousness of the continuing global terrorist threat.

The Police and security agencies are closely monitoring the situation and are in communication with their foreign counterparts.While we have received no current specific threat to our airport and civil aviation, we have noted the heightened security concerns in the UK and have stepped up the level of checks on all passengers, check-in and carry on luggage. All check-in and carry-on luggage are subjected to 100% screening by X-ray machines . There is also a 100% body screening of passengers at the gate-hold room with the aid of walk-through metal detectors and hand-held metal detectors. Body searches are also carried out where necessary.We have also increased our security patrols inside and within the vicinity of the Airport.

Travellers are advised to check with their airlines on their flight schedules and cooperate with the security authorities at the airport.

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