15 Sep 2008

Further Releases & Issuance of Restriction Orders under the Internal Security Act, 15 September 2008

        Five Singaporean members of the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) terrorist network were released on Restriction Orders (RO) upon the expiry of their Orders of Detention (OD) issued under the Internal Security Act (ISA). Three brothers, Muhamad Ismail bin Anuwarul, Abdul Rashid bin Anwarul and Abdul Nassir bin Anwarul, were released on ROs on 28 Mar 2008. They were members of the Malaysian JI network and were previously detained in Malaysia. The three men were arrested upon their deportation to Singapore and detained under Singapore’s ISA in Mar 2006.

2       Another 2 Singapore JI detainees were released on RO on 14 Sep 2008. Ab Wahab bin Ahmad (Wahab) and Sanin bin Riffin (Sanin) were detained under the ISA in Sep 2002.

3       The 5 men had been cooperative in investigations and shown progress in rehabilitation, including religious counselling, and were assessed to no longer pose a security threat that required detention.

Ministry of Home Affairs
15 September 2008
Last Updated on 15 Jun 2015
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