13 Jan 2010

Further Detention & Releases Under The Internal Security Act, 13 January 2010

          A member of both the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) terrorist organisation and the militant Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF),  Mohd Azmi bin Ali, aged 41, has been detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA). He was arrested in Nov 2009 and was issued with an Order of Detention (OD) which took effect on 15 Dec 2009.  
2        Azmi is a long-time JI member who joined the group in 1989 when it was known as Darul Islam (DI). Sometime in 1997, he visited the MILF Camp in Mindanao where he took the bai’ah (oath of allegiance) with then-MILF chairman Hashim Selamat. At the camp, he learnt to handle firearms and attended a bomb-making demonstration. Azmi also donated funds to the MILF cause, and was fully aware that the money would be used inter alia, to purchase ammunition.
3        Azmi fled Singapore in Dec 2001 in the wake of security operations against the JI. He remained in hiding overseas and was eventually arrested with the cooperation of regional authorities.
Release of JI Detainees
4        Two Singaporean JI members, Mohamed Nazir bin Mohammed Uthman (Mohd Nazir) and Hashim bin Abas (Hashim), were released on Restriction Orders (RO)1 under the ISA on 6 Jan 2010 when their ODs expired.
5       Mohd Nazir and Hashim were arrested in Dec 2001 and detained under the ISA in Jan 2002 for their involvement in JI’s plans to mount terrorist attacks against several targets in Singapore.   
6         Since their detention in Jan 2002, Mohd Nazir and Hashim have been cooperative in investigations and shown significant progress in their rehabilitation. As such, they were assessed to no longer pose a security threat that required preventive detention.     
Lapse of 3 ROs
7         The ROs of 3 JI/MILF members expired on 9 Jan 2010 and were not renewed. The 3 men were Hamim bin Jaafar, Yusri bin Mohamed Yusof and Abdul Ghani bin Omar. They were first issued with ROs on 10 Jan 2004. As the 3 had been cooperative in investigations and had responded to rehabilitation, they were assessed to no longer require supervision under an RO regime. 
Ministry of Home Affairs
13 January 2010

1 A person released under a Restriction Order must abide by certain conditions and restrictions after release. He may be re-detained should he fail to respect these conditions and restrictions.
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