07 Mar 2013

Further Detention & Releases Under the Internal Security Act

Release of Detainees

               Three individuals were released from detention under the Internal Security Act (ISA) between Nov 2012 and Feb 2013. They were Ishak s/o Mohamed Noohu (Ishak) who was placed on Restriction Order (RO) on 1 Nov2012, Maksham bin Mohd Shah (Maksham) who was released on SuspensionDirection1 (SD) on 5 Dec 2012, and Mohamed Hussain bin Saynudin(Hussain) who was placed on RO on 21 Feb 2013. Ishak and Hussain were members of the Singapore Jemaah Islamiyah terrorist network who were detained under the ISA in Nov 2006 and Feb 2007 respectively, while Maksham was a self-radicalised individual who was detained in Dec 2007. All three men were assessed to no longer pose a security threat that required preventive detention.

2             Since Jan 2002, 64 persons have been detained under the ISA for their involvement in terrorism-related activities. Of these, more than two-thirds have been released after they were assessed to have been rehabilitated and did not pose a security threat that warranted preventive detention. However, one of them has since been re-detained (see para 3).

Detention of Self-Radicalised Singaporean

3            Former detainee Abdul Basheer s/o Abdul Kader (Abdul Basheer) was detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) in Oct 2012 for planning to take up arms against the foreign military presence in places that included Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and Syria. Abdul Basheer was a self-radicalised individual who was previously detained in Feb 2007 as he had made specific plans to pursue militant jihad in Afghanistan. He was released on SD in Feb 2010 and was placed on RO in Feb 2011 upon the lapse of his SD.

4             Abdul Basheer had initially made some progress in reintegrating into society after his release from detention. While under RO supervision, he was detected to have reverted to his earlier interest of undertaking militant jihad abroad. He had even made enquiries as to how he could leave Singapore, illegally if necessary, to pursue his jihad plans. The factors that contributed to his relapse included the surfing of radical websites that propagated virulent extremist ideology, and political events in countries in the Middle East. He had to be re-arrested in Sep 2012 and was issued with an Order of Detention (OD) the following month to prevent him from pursuing his violent agenda.


Issued by
Ministry of Home Affairs

 1 A Suspension Direction (SD) is a Ministerial direction to suspend the operation of an existing Order of Detention (OD). The Minister of Home Affairs may revoke the SD and the individual will be re-detained, if he does not comply with any of the conditions stipulated in the SD. Among the conditions are that he is prohibited from associating with any militant or terrorist groups or individuals, and he is not allowed to leave the country without the prior written approval of the Director, ISD.

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