23 Mar 2008

Further Detention, and Release & Issuance of Restriction Order Under the Internal Security Act

       Another member of the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) terrorist group has been detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA). Rijal Yadri bin Jumari, aged 27, was arrested in Feb 2008 for his involvement in the JI. At the time of his arrest, Rijal was known to be working with some foreign JI elements to discuss regrouping and reviving the JI’s clandestine network. An Order of Detention (OD) under the ISA was issued against Rijal on 20 Mar 2008.

2.     Rijal was a member of the JI’s “Al-Ghuraba” cell. This was a cell set up by the JI leadership to develop its young members to become trained operatives and future leaders in the organisation. Rijal was schooled at the JI’s madrasahs. He was one of several students talent-spotted by the JI to be groomed to become a future leader in the JI organisation.

3.     In 2000, the JI leadership sent Rijal to Afghanistan to undergo military training. He first arrived in Pakistan where he joined the “Al-Ghuraba” cell. The JI subsequently facilitated his travel to Afghanistan where he underwent terrorist training programmes at Al-Qaeda’s Camp Farouq in Kandahar and also at a terrorist training facility in Kabul at the arrangement of Al-Qaeda. His training included weapons-handling, explosives, surveillance and guerrilla warfare. Rijal met Osama bin Laden on a number of occasions when he was at Camp Farouq.

4.     Rijal returned to this region after his training. When the security action against the JI commenced in the region, Rijal went on the run to evade the authorities. In particular, he remained away from Singapore and has been in hiding overseas to avoid pursuit by Singapore authorities. Earlier this year, ISD managed to pin down Rijal’s exact whereabouts. He was arrested with the cooperation of regional authorities.

Release of ISA detainee

5.     Anis bin Mohamad Mansor (Anis) was released on a Restriction Order (RO) which took effect on 10 Feb 2008 when his OD expired. He had cooperated in investigations and had responded positively to rehabilitation, including religious counselling. Anis had been detained since Feb 2004 for his activities in support of the JI.

23 March 2008


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