11 Oct 2012

Further Detentions, Releases and Lapse of Restriction Orders under the Internal Security Act

             Two individuals were detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for their involvement in terrorism-related activities.  They are Abd Rahim bin Abdul Rahman (Abd Rahim) and Husaini bin Ismail (Husaini), who were issued Orders of Detention (ODs) under the ISA in Mar 2012 and Jun 2012, respectively. 

2           Abd Rahim and Husaini were senior members of the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) terrorist organisation.  They had undergone terrorist training in Afghanistan with the Al-Qaeda terrorist organisation in 1999/2000.  They had also been actively involved in reconnoitring several potential local and foreign targets in Singapore for the purpose of a terrorist attack.  Both men had fled Singapore in Dec 2001 soon after the commencement of the security operation against the JI and took refuge overseas.  While on the run, Husaini was involved in the plot led by Singapore JI leader Mas Selamat bin Kastari to hijack an airplane destined for Singapore and crash it into Changi Airport in Jan 2002, to retaliate against the disruption of the Singapore JI network. 

3           Abd Rahim was arrested in Malaysia in Feb 2012 and was deported to Singapore.  Husaini was arrested in Indonesia in Jun 2009 and was imprisoned for immigration offences.  Upon the completion of his jail term in May 2012, Husaini was deported to Singapore.    

Release of JI Detainees and Self-Radicalised Individual

4           Three individuals were released from detention between Mar 2012 and Sep 2012.  They are JI members Rijal Yadri bin Jumari (Rijal) and Mohd Jauhari bin Abdullah (Jauhari), and self-radicalised individual Muhammad Fadil bin Abdul Hamid (Fadil).  They were released on Restriction Orders (RO) on 20 Mar 2012, 15 Sep 2012 and 4 Apr 2012, respectively. 

5            Rijal was a member of the JI’s “Al-Ghuraba” cell in Pakistan that comprised young JI members who were being groomed to be operatives and future JI leaders.  He was detained under the ISA in Mar 2008.  Jauhari was a senior JI member who was detained in Sep 2002 in the second phase of the Singapore JI arrests.  Fadil was a self-radicalised youth who had the intention to wage armed jihad in Afghanistan and die as a martyr on the battlefield; he was detained under the ISA in Apr 2010. 

Lapse of Restriction Orders against 18 Individuals

6           The Restriction Orders (ROs) against 17 JI members, viz. Muhamad Ismail bin Anuwarul, Abdul Nassir bin Anwarul, Abdul Rashid bin Anwarul, Othman bin Mohamed, Salim bin Marwan, Abdul Majid s/o Niaz Mohamed, Azman bin Jalani, Faiz Abdullah Ashiblie, Habibullah s/o Hameed, Mohamed Noor bin Sulaimi, Munain bin Turru, Naharudin bin Sabtu, Nordin bin Parman, Said bin Ismail, Sanin bin Riffin, Simon bin Sabtu, and Zulkifli bin Mohamed Jaffar, and Moro Islamic Liberation Front member Husin bin Ab Aziz, were allowed to lapse between Mar 2012 and Sep 2012.  They had been cooperative and responsive to rehabilitation efforts and no longer required further supervision under the RO regime. 



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