25 Feb 2002

Government News Release On The ISA Arrests - The Advisory Board Sits, 25 February 2002

The ISA Advisory Board is sitting this week in the Supreme Court chambers of Justice Chao Hick Tin to review the cases of the 13 Jemaah Islamiyah members detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for terrorism-related activities.

2 The Advisory Board is appointed by the President in consultation with the Chief Justice under Article 151(2) of the Constitution of Singapore. It will be hearing the representations of detainees and will examine ISD officers and statements of witnesses and review the evidence and investigation. The Board is chaired by Justice Chao Hick Tin, and consist of two other members, Mr Henry Chan Wah Tim, a businessman and Dr Chook Kum Kay, a medical doctor in private practice.

3 The Advisory Board is required by law to sit within three months of the issue of the order of detention to consider the detainee's representation. The detainees have the right of representation to the Board either directly or with legal counsel of their choice.

4 The 13 detainees have been informed of their detention and the allegations against them. They have been given regular access to family members and legal counsel. They have also been visited by members of a Board of Inspection made up of volunteers from community and civic groups to inquire into their well-being.

5 All of the 13 detainees have chosen to exercise their legal right to make representations to the Advisory Board. Mohd Nazir bin Mohammed Uthman has engaged a lawyer, Mr Subash Anandan of Harry Elias & Partners to assist him. The others will be making their representations directly:

a) Four detainees viz Hashim bin Abas, Mohd Khalim bin Jaffar, Mohd Ellias s/o Mohd Khan and Othman bin Mohd, have elected to make both oral as well as written representations to the Board.

b) Another five viz Ibrahim Maidin, Andrew Gerrard, Fathi Abu Bakar Bafana, Mohd Anuar bin Margono and Halim b Hussain, have chosen to make only oral representations.

c) The remaining three viz Faiz bin Abu Bakar Bafana, Adnan bin Musa and Jaafar bin Mistooki, have decided to submit only written representations.

6 Following its review, the Advisory Board will submit its findings and recommendations to the President. After considering the Boards recommendations, the President will then direct the Minister for Home Affairs on the detention or release of the detained person. Where the Board recommends the release of the detained person, the person shall not be detained or further detained without the Presidents concurrence.

7 The Advisory Board is required to review every ISA detention case at intervals of not more than 12 months from the date of the detainees last representation. An Order of Detention cannot exceed a period of 2 years. At the end of the period, if the preventive detention of the person is still warranted, an application must be made to renew the Order afresh. The same process of independent review by the Advisory Board will apply.


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