01 Mar 2002

Government Statement on JI Case, 1 March 2002 (includes video clips)

1 The ISA Advisory Board sat this week from 25 Feb to 28 Feb, in full-day sessions held in the Supreme Court chambers of Justice Chao Hick Tin. The Advisory Board heard the representations of the detainees, examined officers from the Internal Security Department (ISD) and statements of witnesses, as well as reviewed the evidence and investigation. One of the detainees, Mohd Nazir bin Mohd Uthman was represented by his lawyer, Mr Subhas Anandan. Mr Anandan was assisted by lawyer Anand Nalachandran.

2 The Board will sit again next week to examine witnesses. The Board will schedule additional sessions if it needs to and is empowered to call for documents and witnesses to be examined by it. After its deliberation, the Board will report its findings and recommendations to the President.

3 Among the evidence examined by the Advisory Board earlier this week were:

a) the VCD of the reconnaissance conducted by foreign terrorists, Sammy and Mike, and members of the second cell, Fiah Musa, of the US and Israeli Embassies, and the British and Australian High Commissions in Oct 2001; and

b) the VCD of the reconnaissance of Sembawang Wharf and Changi Naval Base conducted in Nov 2001 by three members of Fiah Musa viz Mohd Ellias s/o Mohd Khan, Mohd Nazir bin Mohd Uthman, and Adnan bin Musa on the instruction of Mike.
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