22 Sep 2005

Ministry of Home Affairs Community Action against Drugs - Appreciation Dinner, 22 September 2005

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will be the Guest-of-Honour at an appreciationdinner hosted by the Ministry of Home Affairs on Thursday 22 Sep at the Istanato show the Government's appreciation to the dedicated volunteers who havemade a significant contribution to Singapore's fight against drug abuseover the last 10 years.

2 Singapore has seen a vast improvement in the local drug scene since the naugural National Seminar on "Community Action Against Drug Abuse" in 1994. Our success today can be attributed to the strategies and new initiatives implemented under the comprehensive and multi-pronged approach of preventive drug education, vigorous enforcement, treatment and rehabilitation and aftercare.

3 Many of these initiatives and programmes were spearheaded and implemented by our community partners such as the voluntary welfare organisations, self-help groups, halfway houses, schools, employers. There are also individuals who have, in their personal capacities, answered the anti-drug call in one way or another. Together, they have served the anti-drug cause well and have been an inspiration in leading the way towards a drug-free society.

4 The significant inroads we have made in the war against drugs would not have been possible without the commitment of these individuals and community organisations. Special recognition will be given to 21 individuals and 25 community organisations at the appreciation dinner. Among them are Mr Lim Hock San, Chairman NCADA, Dr Loo Choon Yong, President SANA, Batey Ads and Mendaki.

5 Whilst we have made significant inroads against the heroin abuse, the fight against drug abuse is not over. With the rise of synthetic drugs, the Government, together with the community, will continue to remain vigilant and persevere in the fight against drug abuse; for a drug-free society.


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