24 Mar 2007

National Seminar on the Community Engagement Programme (CEP) and the Launch of the CEP Web Portal "Singapore United", 24 March 2007

Community leaders came together this morning for the National Seminar on the Community Engagement Programme (CEP), one year after the CEP was launched. A portal for CEP, called the Singapore United, was launched as an additional avenue of engagement with the community.


2 Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong launched the CEP at a dialogue session with community leaders on 9 February 2006. This was after the London 7/7 bomb attacks, when the Government decided that more integrated and comprehensive efforts should be undertaken to prepare our people to be psychologically and socially resilient.

3 Since its launch, we have seen many encouraging initiatives that were organised by the communities, in response to PM's call for ownership by the ground. In addition, the government agencies supporting the CEP have also been engaging the community leaders through cluster-level workshops. At these workshops, community leaders were briefed on the national mobilisation framework. Some have started discussing with each other their response plans at the ground level to help manage and mitigate any communal tension that could arise in the aftermath of a crisis, such as a terrorist attack.

National Seminar 2007

4 The national seminar this morning brought together the community leaders from the five CEP clusters for an update on what has been happening on the CEP front at the national level and to share perspectives and ideas on moving forward. Community leaders learnt about the response plans of other clusters. Equally important was the forging of new friendships and renewal of ties at the national seminar.

Launch of Singapore United - portal for CEP

5 The Guest-of-Honour DPM and Minister for Home Affairs, and Chairman of the Ministerial Committee on Community Engagement, Mr Wong Kan Seng, launched Singapore United, a portal for CEP, at today's seminar. The portal www.singaporeunited.sg offers an on-line platform for engagement with the public and facilitates the sharing of CEP-related information.

6 Key features include the events calendar, maintained and updated by the respective cluster lead agencies, and which gives the public and the community leaders information on upcoming events of interest. Those interested in researching on statements and comments made on CEP, can check out the Newsroom and also the Events calendar for programmes (which would be uploaded if available). Those with ideas and suggestions can contact the respective cluster lead agencies or the CEP Secretariat (in MHA) under the Contact Us section. Or they can email feedback using the form at the Feedback page.

A Singapore United

7 "The Government will facilitate networking among leaders so that they know one another well. It will provide resources, such as publications and videos, to help strengthen knowledge and skills. But in order for the CEP to be sustainable over the long run, the community must take ownership and shape the CEP such that it is their own, for they know their domain best," said DPM Wong.

8 He added, "Community engagement is always work-in-progress. The job is never finished."

24 March 2007
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