16 Sep 2009

Release of 3 Detainees Held Under the Internal Security Act, 16 September 2009

          Three Singaporeans who were detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for involvement with the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) terrorist network and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) have been released. JI member Mohammad Sharif bin Rahmat (Sharif) was released on a Restriction Order (RO) on 5 Aug 2009 upon the expiry of his Order of Detention, while another JI member Simon bin Sabtu (Simon) and MILF member Husin bin Abdul Aziz (Husin) were released on Suspension Directions (SDs)1 on 15 September 2009. 
2        Sharif was detained in Aug 2005 for his JI involvement. Besides undertaking physical training with the JI, he had also participated in military training with the Laskar-e-Tayyiba (LeT; also translated as “Army of the Pure”), a militant group in Pakistan, in preparation for armed conflict. 
3         Simon and Husin were detained in Aug 2002 for their JI and MILF involvement respectively.  Simon, a long-time JI member, conducted paramilitary training for JI members, and undertook reconnaissance activities to facilitate JI’s plans to mount terrorist attacks in Singapore. Husin is a MILF member who actively provided financial and logistical support to the MILF, and had received military training with the MILF in Mindanao.   
4         Since their detention, all 3 individuals had cooperated with investigations and shown significant progress in their rehabilitation. As such, they were assessed to no longer pose a security threat that required preventive detention. 
Ministry of Home Affairs
16 September 2009
1A Suspension Direction (SD) is a Ministerial direction to suspend the operation of an existing Order of Detention (OD). The Minister of Home Affairs may revoke the SD and the individual will be re-detained, if he does not comply with any of the conditions stipulated in the SD. Among the conditions are that he is prohibited from associating with any militant or terrorist groups or individuals, and he is not allowed to leave the country without the prior written approval of the Director, ISD.
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