01 Mar 2012

Update On Terrorism-Related Arrest/Detention/Release Under The Internal Security Act

Three individuals were arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA) between Jan and Feb 2012 for their involvement in terrorism-related activities. Sahrudin bin Mohd Sapian (Sahrudin), Mohamed Rafee bin Abdul Rahman (Rafee) and Abd Rahim bin Abdul Rahman (Abd Rahim; Rafee’s brother) are members of the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) terrorist organisation who had fled Singapore in Dec 2001 soon after the commencement of the security operation against the JI. They remained in hiding overseas and were recently arrested with the cooperation of foreign counterparts.
2              Sahrudin, a pioneer member of the Singapore JI, had undergone terrorist training in Afghanistan in 2000. He was a senior member of the Singapore JI who not only recruited new members into the organisation but had also conducted reconnaissance of potential targets of attack in Singapore for the JI. The Internal Security Department had tracked his location overseas and with the assistance of the relevant foreign counterpart, Sahrudin was arrested in Jan 2012 and subsequently deported to Singapore. He was issued with an Order of Detention (OD) in Feb 2012.
3              Rafee was a JI member who had undergone terrorist training in Afghanistan in 2000. He had facilitated regional JI operations by providing logistical support to the network. Additionally, he had also enabled local and foreign JI leaders to hold JI gatherings in Singapore by offering his residence as a venue for those sessions. Rafee was arrested overseas and deported to Singapore in Jan 2012. He was issued with an OD in Feb 2012.
4              Abd Rahim was a senior member of the Singapore JI. He was arrested overseas and deported to Singapore in Feb 2012. He has been arrested under the ISA and is currently under investigation.
Release of JI Detainee
5              Jumari bin Kamdi (Jumari), a Singaporean who was a JI member in a regional country, was first detained under the ISA in Jan 2011. He has been cooperative with investigations and it has been assessed that he no longer poses a security threat that requires further preventive detention. As such, he was released on a Suspension Direction on 21 Feb 2012.
Lapse of 5 Restriction Orders
6              The Restriction Orders (ROs) against JI members Jasmani bin Bakran, Mohamad Ashikin bin Mohamad Yusof, Omar bin Abdul Karim and Zainodin bin Ismail lapsed on 9 Jan 2012, while the RO against Anis bin Mohamad Mansor, who was involved in activities in support of the JI, lapsed on 9 Feb 2012. All five men had been cooperative and responsive to rehabilitation efforts.
Ministry of Home Affairs
1 Mar 2012
Last Updated on 26 Feb 2015
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