12 Sep 2013

Update on Terrorism-Relate Detention And Releases Under The Internal Security Act

Detention of Self-Radicalised Singaporean

           Asyrani bin Hussaini (Asyrani), aged 24, has been detained for two years under the Internal Security Act (ISA) in Mar 2013 for attempting to engage in violence overseas.  He was influenced by the radical ideology he had read online, and pursued specific action to participate in the armed insurgency in south Thailand. 

2        He entered south Thailand illegally in order to link up with the Thai insurgents after failing to establish contact with the Thai insurgents through other communications channels.  He was unsuccessful and entered another regional country illegally where he was arrested and convicted for immigration offences.  Upon the completion of his sentence, he was deported to Singapore and was arrested under the ISA.

Restriction Order against Mustafa Kamal bin Mohammad

3         Singaporean Mustafa Kamal bin Mohammad (Mustafa), aged 58, was placed on Restriction Order (RO)for a period of two years from 10 Sep 2013.  Mustafa was a member of the militant group Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) in the Philippines.  He had undergone military training at the MILF’s Camp Abu Bakar and raised funds for the MILF.  Mustafa left Singapore in Nov 2001 and decided to remain overseas upon learning of the security operation against the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) that commenced in Dec 2001.  He eventually returned to Singapore in Jan 2013 to account for his past involvement with the militant group.        

Release of JI and MILF Detainees

4         Three individuals were released from detention between Apr and Jul 2013.  They were Jahpar bin Osman (Jahpar), Samad bin Subari (Samad) and Abdul Majid s/o Kunji Mohamad (Abdul Majid). 

5        Jahpar and Samad were JI members detained under the ISA in Apr 2005 and Jul 2011, respectively.  Jahpar had undergone military training in Mindanao in south Philippines while Samad trained with Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.  Both men were released on RO on 21 Apr 2013 and 21 Jul 2013, respectively.
6        Abdul Majid, who was detained under the ISA in Jun 2011, had undergone military training at the MILF’s Camp Abu Bakar in Mindanao, and aided the MILF in procuring funds and weapon components.  He was released from detention on RO on 17 Jun 2013.   

7         All three men had cooperated in investigations and shown significant progress in their rehabilitation.  They were assessed to no longer pose a security threat that required preventive detention.

Lapse of Restriction Orders

8          The ROs against two JI members, Arifin bin Ali and Mohammad Sharif bin Rahmat, and MILF member Ahmad Jalaluddin bin Sanawi, were allowed to lapse between May 2013 and Aug 2013.  They had been cooperative and responsive to rehabilitation efforts and no longer required RO supervision. 

Issued by:

  1  A person issued with a Restriction Order (RO) must abide by several conditions and restrictions.  For example, he is not permitted to change his residence or employment, or travel out of Singapore, without the prior approval of the Director ISD.  The individual issued with RO also cannot issue public statements, address public meetings or print, distribute, contribute to any publication, hold office in, or be a member of any organisation, association or group without the prior approval of Director ISD. 

Last Updated on 26 Feb 2015
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