Security Industry Transformation Map (ITM)

What is Security Industry Transformation Map (ITM)?

The Security ITM seeks to develop a vibrant, technologically advanced and competitive security industry that delivers better security outcomes for Singapore and provides good jobs for Singaporeans. Led by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Security ITM is a collective effort by industry associations, companies, unions, service buyers, security agencies and Government agencies.

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Why does the security industry need to transform?

About 47,000 security officers and 240 security agencies support the Home Team to protect the many places where we live and work. With the heightened terrorism threat, increased demand for security services and slowing pace of workforce growth, the industry has to transform, to increase productivity and make the job requirements less manpower-intensive.


How can we transform the security industry?

The Security ITM recommends four key strategies to enable security companies to move away from a headcount-based model to deliver integrated security solutions.



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Last Updated on 13 Feb 2018
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