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Be A Guardian: Building Up the Home Team

For Human Resources officer Jacqueline Wong, it’s all about achieving the Home Team’s goals and helping her fellow officers do their very best.
GRAPHIC: Phylicia Poon

Be A Guardian showcases fulfilling career, scholarship and sponsorship opportunities in the Home Team.

Often, when the term “Home Team officer” is mentioned, we think of our dedicated uniformed officers serving on the frontlines. However, our civilian officers play an equally vital role when it comes to keeping Singapore safe and secure. We spoke to Jacqueline Wong, a Home Affairs Senior Executive (HASE) at the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) who brings warmth and an infectious energy to her work in Human Resources (HR). 

Why did you choose to join the Home Team?
I decided to join the Home Team after graduating from university because I was inspired by the passion of Home Team officers in safeguarding our country. They always put their best foot forward in tackling any incident, and their commitment is really admirable. 

I wanted to contribute to this meaningful work in my own way, and having studied Business Administration at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), where I took up a specialisation in HR, I applied to join MHA’s Human Resource Division. 

You could say that I’m surrounded by people who’re dedicated to serving the nation. My brother works at the Ministry of Defence and I have friends who also joined the Home Team right after graduation, like me. One’s a HASE officer at the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority while another is a Police officer. 

Welcome to the Home Team family: Engaging with new MHA officers during an on-boarding session. PHOTO: Phylicia Poon

What’s a typical workday like for you?
It varies because we have different projects and events throughout the year. These include ranking exercises, promotions, posting cycles and ceremonies for the MHA Phoenix Award and Long Service awards. As for my day-to-day work, I assist MHA officers on their career matters and identify suitable candidates to join the Home Team. 

What does job satisfaction mean to you? 
As a HR officer, it means being able to attract talent to MHA who can contribute to the organisation and help us achieve our mission and vision. It’s also about enabling the career development of our officers through the HASE posting exercise, when we facilitate their movement to new roles and offer opportunities and platforms for them to grow within the organisation. 

Building up the Home Team: As part of her duties, Jacqueline works on various HR workstreams and events such as ranking exercises, promotions, HASE posting cycles and award ceremonies. PHOTO: Phylicia Poon

Can you share three qualities that are important for Home Team officers to have?
Adaptability – The Home Team is undergoing quite a bit of transformation across various Departments, and it’s important for us to be open to change and respond to new demands.

Open-mindedness – It’s about staying open to new ideas and ways of doing things; proposing solutions that weren’t previously feasible; and thinking big. Let’s explore new possibilities and embrace change. 

Perseverance – We need to sustain our efforts and carry on with our duties when the going gets tough. Perseverance gives us the strength to push on through the difficulties we face. 

Each role in the Home Team requires a unique set of knowledge, skills and experiences. HASE officers are one of the foundations of the Home Team and, together with specialists and uniformed officers, help drive Home Team Transformation.

As a HR professional, what advice do you have for those considering a career in the Home Team? 
Make sure that the organisation’s mission and vision are in line with yours, so that you can find purpose and meaning in your work. This is a key factor that will see you through a fulfilling career in the Home Team. 

Be A Guardian of Our Home
Jacqueline holds a Degree in Business Administration from NTU and is currently a Senior Executive at MHA under the HASE scheme. 
PHOTO: Soo Jun Xiang

Keen to become a Home Team Guardian? Visit the MHA Careers Webpage to find out more about available Scholarship and Sponsorship opportunities.
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Written by

Phylicia Poon


9 January 2020

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