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CNY Special: Three Questions from Relatives of Home Team Officers
Here are three common questions about the Home Team that officers receive from relatives!

Home Team officers are bracing themselves for upcoming interrogations. No, it’s not the investigative kind you’re thinking of. Regardless of age, gender or marital status, Home Team officers will be bombarded by questions on the Home Team this festive period.

If you’re that cousin/aunt/uncle/grandparent/random curious person who happens to meet a Home Team officer when visiting relatives, here are some common questions that they get which you might feel too paiseh to make them answer for the umpteenth time.

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We’ve got your back: In-Situ Reaction Teams from the Singapore Police Force patrolling Orchard Road during the December 2017 festive season. PHOTO: Mabel Yap

“Does the Home Team really work around the clock to safeguard Singapore?”

That’s true – Home Team officers work around the clock, and that means they also work during festive periods like the Chinese New Year. The Home Team is always vigilant, and ready to respond to any security incident or medical emergency.

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300,000 households and counting: As part of the SGSecure movement, Emergency Preparedness Days are held in constituencies for residents to learn skills to better protect themselves from a terror attack. PHOTO: Home Team News

“I keep hearing about SGSecure. What is it about, and should I download the app?”

The SGSecure is a national movement to sensitise, train and mobilise the community to play a part to prevent and deal with a terrorist attack. If you’re aware of SGSecure, it’s probably because in 2017, the movement reached out to over 300,000 households, with 55 Emergency Preparedness Days held across the island!

The SGSecure app allows the public to provide information to the authorities during an emergency, and is useful when you’re caught in a situation where you need to call the Police. So yes, you should definitely download the app, and tell your family members, friends and colleagues about it too!

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Welcome to our family: A Home Team Volunteer sharing his experience with a member of public at the Home Team Show and Festival 2017. PHOTO: Home Team Volunteers Network

“I want to serve with the Home Team, but I have other commitments and can’t serve full-time. Can I still contribute to Singapore’s safety and security?”

Yes, of course you can! There’s a volunteer programme for everyone – whether you’re a tertiary student interested in life-saving skills, a working adult with a day job interested in being a patrol officer, or simply someone who wants to befriend former offenders and support their reintegration efforts.

The Home Team Volunteers Network offers various opportunities for the public to come forward and serve with the Home Team. Check out the Home Team Volunteers Network website for more information.

If the civic-minded person in you wants to help (but without the commitment), that’s also okay! Members of the public who have downloaded the myResponder app on their smartphones can choose to alert the Singapore Civil Defence Force of an incident via the app through the mere press of a button, assist by bringing an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to the scene, guide the ambulance to the scene or perform chess compression guided by the SCDF’s 995 Operations Centre Specialists. It’s that easy, even for those who aren’t equipped with life-saving skills. So don’t be afraid and download the app today.

Well, there you go – three common questions about the Home Team which you were too embarrassed to ask! During the festive period, what better way to connect with your relatives from the Home Team than by engaging them on how we can work together for a safe and secure Singapore. Don’t be shy, and say hi!

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  1. by Yuslina Aziz
  2. 13 February 2018
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