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Five Things You Should Know About SPF’s Annual Crime Brief and Road Traffic Situation 2019
What it takes to keep Singapore crime-free and our roads safe.

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The Singapore Police Force (SPF) has released its Annual Crime Brief and Annual Road Traffic Situation report to give an overview of how we fared in fighting crime and keeping our roads safe. Here are our top five takeaways. 

1. Singapore remains one of the safest cities in the world
For the fifth year running, Singapore topped the chart in being the safest city in the world, according to the 2019 Gallup Global Law and Order Report. 94% of Singapore’s residents reported that they felt safe walking home alone in their neighbourhood. 

This is a striking testament to SPF’s effectiveness in keeping Singapore crime-free. In 2019, there were 16 more crime-free days than 2018, with 179 days free from confrontational crimes (namely snatch theft, robbery and housebreaking). Motor vehicle and related thefts, robbery and snatch theft cases also hit a 35-year low. 

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Effective enforcement: Robbery, snatch theft and motor vehicle and related thefts dropped to a 35-year low in 2019. GRAPHIC:SPF

2. Scams are a growing concern
While there’s less crime in our neighbourhoods, the situation online remains a concern, with scams – schemes designed to trick people into giving away money or personal data – a persistent threat. In 2019, scams made up 27% of the overall crime, up from 19% from 2018. The total number of scam cases reported also rose by 53.5% in 2019, with more money lost to scammers.

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In 2019, the top three scam types – e-commerce scams, loan scams and credit-for-sex scams – constituted more than 60% of the top ten scam types reported. GRAPHIC: SPF

To counter this worrying trend, SPF has taken tough enforcement actions against scammers. In 2019, SPF officers conducted 95 operations against local e-commerce scammers and money mules, arresting 112 scammers responsible for 1,223 e-commerce scam cases and investigating 1040 money mules involved in 2,100 scam cases.

In June 2019, SPF also set up the Anti-Scam Centre to disrupt scam operations and mitigate losses suffered by victims by collaborating with banks, telecommunication companies and other stakeholders. SPF also works closely with e-commerce platforms, banks and other public agencies to deter scams. 
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SPF will continue to strengthen its outreach to the public and raise alert towards scams. PHOTOS: SPF

3. We all play a part in fighting crime
Community involvement is essential in fighting crime. In 2019, SPF worked with partners such as the National Crime Prevention Council to launch a range of initiatives and events to raise public awareness about scams. 

As it is often difficult to recover funds transferred to scammers overseas, SPF urges members of the public to exercise caution and due diligence when making online transactions, and to report perpetrators to the Police. Family members and friends also play a crucial role in spotting unusual behaviours. To learn how you can play a part, check out Scam Alert

4. There were fewer accidents, injuries and fatalities on our roads in 2019
Singapore’s roads were also safer in 2019. According to the SPF’s Annual Road Traffic Situation report, there were fewer road traffic accidents last year, with fatal accidents and fatalities at a record low. The number of fatal accidents in 2019 fell 3.3% to 116 cases, from 120 cases in 2018. Likewise, the number of fatalities dropped 5.6% to 117 in 2019, from 124 cases in 2018. 
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However, irresponsible driving practices remain a concern. 2019 saw a 14.2% rise in red-light running accidents, with 153 cases, compared to 134 cases in 2018. Red-light running violations also increased in 2019 to 59,368 cases, a 7.1% rise from 55,433 cases in 2018. 

To deter such practices, in 2019, amendments to the Road Traffic Act were passed in Parliament that raised the maximum penalties for irresponsible drivers. The Traffic Police will also be installing 12 more red-light cameras by March 2020, in addition to the 240 cameras that have already been installed.  

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5. New measures will be implemented to protect vulnerable road users

While the number of fatal traffic accidents reached a record low of 116 cases in 2019, the number of traffic fatalities involving elderly pedestrians increased by 12.5% to 27 persons in 2019, from 24 persons in 2018. The number of traffic accidents involving elderly pedestrians also surged 33.6% to 322 cases in 2019, from 241 cases in 2018.
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To enhance outreach efforts to the elderly, SPF will be working with partners such as the Lions Befrienders Service Association and NTUC Health

Read SPF’s Annual Crime Brief 2019 and Annual Road Traffic Situation 2019.
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  1. by Tiffany Tan and Desmond Ang
  2. 13 February 2020
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