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CNB Showcases Fresh Ways to Educate Public about the Dangers of Drug Abuse
The Central Narcotics Bureau’s revamped Drug Buster Academy bus made an appearance at VivoCity on 8 October at a roadshow.

VivoCity played host to the revamped Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) Drug Buster Academy Bus on 8 October 2016.

The mobile vehicle has been refitted with a sleek futuristic interior, augmented reality displays and interactive quizzes to better engage and educate viewers about the dangers of drug abuse.

The revamped Drug Buster Academy Bus features interactive displays and virtual reality facial scanning displays among other special effects to spread the anti-drug message to its visitors. PHOTO: Central Narcotics Bureau

The Drug Buster Academy Bus aims to spread awareness among the youth of the dangers of drug abuse and to teach them how to identify and stay away from drugs. To date, the bus has made 15 visits to primary, secondary and Institute of Technical Education (ITE) schools since it was unveiled in July this year. More visits have been scheduled for other schools and educational institutions.

“Preventive drug education has always been CNB’s first line of defence to help our youths stay away from drugs. With this revamped bus, we can reach out to youths in a fun and humorous manner and teach them to say ‘no’ to drugs,” said Ms Gillian Ong, Director Communications of CNB.

The bus featured interactive exhibits and quizzes, as well as a simulation showing how long-term drug abuse damages a person’s body, refuting misconceptions that drug abuse is neither harmful nor addictive. PHOTO: Central Narcotics Bureau

The roadshow was also an opportunity for CNB to publicise its new social media identity - "CNB.DrugFreeSG" across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat to better reflect its dedication to keeping Singaporeans free from drugs.

“The youth are curious, so they would want to find out a lot more about what the effects of drugs are. So we felt that through our social media platforms, and also through the bus, they can actually see for themselves," reiterated Ms Ong.

Local community artists Band of Doodlers drew a live mural during the roadshow to encourage youths to engage in wholesome activities and stay away from drugs. PHOTO: Jaiesh Sachi
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  1. by Jaiesh Sachi
  2. 10 October 2016
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