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Giving Their Very Best as Lifesavers and Athletes
Learn more about the Home Team spirit that powers one of Singapore’s top cycling teams.

A passion for excellence and pushing themselves to the limit – meet one of Singapore’s top cycling teams, which also happens to be made up of lifesavers from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).

After taking the top spot at the OCBC Cycle Corporate Speedway in 2017, the SCDF team aims to triumph again at the upcoming OCBC Cycle event on 11 May. 

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Cycling excellence: Team leader SSG Ahmad Ridhwan Dahlan (in red) with (from left) SSG Yazid Amir, SGT Syed Amir Haziq, SWO Shuhrawardi Hussain and WO Suhardi Sa’ad. PHOTO: Jermaine Ting

However, defending their title won’t be an easy feat. “There’s a lot of pressure on us. Even though our mileage in training has progressed, we’re not letting up,” said team leader Staff Sergeant (SSG) Ahmad Ridhwan Dahlan, who serves with SCDF’s elite DART (Disaster Assistance & Rescue Team). “That’s why we’ve increased the intensity of our strength, distance and hill workouts.” 

The 33-year-old and his team engage in rigorous training, from cycling 40 km on weekdays to 46 km on weekends. “Cycling is a sport that we took up to keep active, apart from our firefighting duties,” shared Senior Warrant Officer (SWO) Shuhrawardi Hussain. “What started as a hobby has now become a passion.”
Giving Their Best
The team came together due to a shared interest in competitive cycling. “We met up during a social ride and coincidentally found out that some of us were SCDF officers,” SWO Shuhrawardi explained. “That’s when it all started.”

These dedicated lifesavers are committed to giving their best. “It can be challenging to juggle work and training as we’re from different fire stations and have different schedules,” shared SWO Shuhrawardi. “However, we make it a point to meet up and cycle whenever we’re free. Riding as a team helps us improve day by day.” 

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PHOTO: Jermaine Ting

A Perfect Complement
Bringing their skills from the fire station to the race route, SWO Shuhrawardi emphasised how certain qualities can be applied to both fighting fires and cycling. “Our training and experiences as officers have made us more resilient,” explained the SCDF veteran of 17 years. “We also have to be very disciplined because our actions can affect the outcome of an emergency.”

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PHOTOS: Jermaine Ting

“In the same way, we have to be very disciplined and train even harder as we’re representing SCDF,” said SSG Ridhwan. “It’s important that we build up our skills every day, to ensure the safety and security of everyone.”

Joining the SCDF has not only ignited the team’s passion for cycling, it has also forged a remarkable sense of camaraderie. Beyond braving fires and medical emergencies, it’s clear that being part of the SCDF holds a special meaning for these officers. 

“It’s about bonding and brotherhood,” explained SWO Shuhrawardi. “The SCDF is our second family.”
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  1. by Jermaine Ting
  2. 07 May 2019
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