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Guardians in Training: Our ProCom Troopers in Action
We go behind the scenes with ProCom troopers as they prepare themselves for simulation training.

It was swift, silent and systematic; one could feel the tension rise as the officers sprang into action.

Keeping a laser-sharp focus, Protective Security Command (ProCom) troopers maintained a tight tactical formation as they went from room to room. Each space was cleared of potential threats, from possible perpetrators to improvised explosive devices.

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Getting ready to clear a room. PHOTO: Muhamad Khair

But just as they were almost done clearing all the rooms, the tension was broken – a small mistake was made, triggering the troopers to break formation and regroup. Friendly banter ensued and, feeling responsible, the trooper who made the error apologised. A trainer stepped in to explain the proper clearance procedure and make sure that everyone got it right.

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Check and clear: SC1 Amirul (left) in action. Tactical room clearance is just one of the skills that ProCom troopers must have. PHOTO: Muhamad Khair

ProCom troopers play a vital role in keeping Singapore safe and secure. This specialist unit of the Singapore Police Force (SPF) was formed to build up SPF's protective security capabilities and increase Police presence and response at security-sensitive locations and events. The rigorous training regime that ProCom troopers undergo helps build their muscle memory, allowing them to perfect their skills and achieve their mission. 

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On the move. PHOTO: Muhamad Khair

Urban enforcement operations are challenging due to the unpredictable terrain and conditions. Each building has a unique set of features, and incident sites are often dense with people, vehicles and surrounding structures.

That's why tactical room clearance is a primary skill required of ProCom troopers. Apart from rooms, they are also trained to clear staircases, corridors and other potential danger areas. 

home team news procom fibua 04
Staircases pose a special challenge in urban operations. PHOTO: Muhamad Khair

In a four-man team, each ProCom trooper has a specific part to play. These roles are dynamic and may change depending on the layout of a building. For example, the point-man becomes the rear guard as the team moves from room to room. 

NSF ProCom troopers who are conducting tactical room clearance for the first time often find it challenging. As Special Constable 1 (SC1) Amirul Shafiq shares, understanding every role on the team can be difficult. 

“I didn’t know what to expect, but those who had done tactical room clearance before us said that it felt like something you’d see in the movies,” recalled the 21-year-old trooper. “The difference is that this is real life.”

Home Team News SPF ProCom 02
Marching up a staircase. PHOTO: Muhamad Khair

Besides having tactical room clearance capabilities, ProCom troopers are also trained to protect strategic events and locations in peacetime and during national emergencies.

Asked how he copes with his responsibilities, SC1 Amirul replied that the most crucial quality one must have as a ProCom trooper is confidence. “This is very important, and it also happens to be a ProCom value. When we’re doing something for the first time, we’ll naturally have a lot of questions,” he said. “There’s no harm in making mistakes in training, rather than later when we’re on the ground.”

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Covering every side: SC1 Amirul faces one side of a corridor while his colleagues cover the other side. PHOTO: Muhamad Khair

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  2. 16 July 2019
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