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HazMat’s Heavy Hitters
More than meets the eye – check out three state-of-the-art SCDF vehicles that will be deployed at the 33rd ASEAN Summit.

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PHOTO: Peggy Tan

We’re almost at the end of the year, but the Home Team continues to operate at peak tempo. Having played a crucial role in ensuring the success of the DPRK-USA Singapore Summit in June 2018, our Home Team Guardians are now working to ensure that the 33rd ASEAN Summit proceeds smoothly. 

As always, preparation is key. Among those who will be on duty during the Summit are 150 officers from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), many of whom have unique capabilities, such as HazMat (Hazardous Materials) and Mass Decontamination Specialists. They will be strategically located to ensure optimum coverage and swift response should an incident involving Chemical, Biological and Radiological (CBR) substances occur. 

Also deployed will be about 20 SCDF emergency vehicles, including a trio of Hazmat heavy hitters. Sporting the Life-saving Force’s signature red and yellow Battenburg markings, these vehicles have a range of specialised capabilities to take on CBR threats. Check them out below!

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Nerve Centre: HazMat Control Vehicle (HCV)
When it comes to getting the big picture on a HazMat/CBR incident, the HCV is the place to be. Housing a suite of sophisticated chemical detectors as well as command, control and communication tools (including a drone), the HCV allows SCDF officers to understand what’s happening on the ground and coordinate HazMat mitigation efforts. 

To ensure that HazMat Specialists can be swiftly deployed across the incident area, the HCV also carries two-wheeled mobile transporters (kind of like Segways on steroids). 

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PHOTOS: Peggy Tan

Rapid Deployment: HazMat Mitigation Vehicle (HMV)
The HMV is equipped with a range of detection and mitigation equipment for CBR threats. This allows HazMat Specialists to enter contaminated areas as well as isolate and mitigate contaminants and collect samples. 

But there’s more to the HMV than meets the eye – a rear compartment holds a HazMat Utility Buggy! Highly manoeuvrable and compact, this two-seater can be quickly deployed to carry equipment and casualties. 

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PHOTOS: Peggy Tan

Decontaminating Casualties: Mass Decontamination Vehicle (MDV)
Suppose that the SCDF has identified a CBR threat, deployed HazMat Specialists to contain it and rescued casualties from the incident site – then what? 

That’s where the MDV comes in. This massive vehicle has three decontamination lanes that allow Mass Decontamination Specialists to quickly decontaminate casualties. Within an hour, the MDV can process up to 80 walking casualties and 18 lying casualties. 

According to SCDF Assistant Commissioner Daniel Seet, operational readiness is central to the effectiveness of his officers. “The ASEAN Summit is one of several high-key events that we’ve been involved in this year,” he said. “A lot of planning has gone into the Summit, including tactical exercises and other preparations. These wouldn’t be complete without the partnership of the Singapore Police Force, the Singapore Armed Forces and the Ministry of Health. Together, we’ll work to ensure good security coverage for the Summit.”
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  1. by Mike Tan
  2. 09 November 2018
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