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Home Team Transformation: More Than Meets the Eye
How the Home Team is leveraging innovative solutions to keep Singapore safe and secure.

Think you’ve got the Home Team figured out? There’s more to what our dedicated Guardians do than meets the eye. 

Home Team PST Awards 2018 005
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At the Public Sector Transformation (PST) Awards 2018 this week, Home Team Departments were recognised for a range of innovative solutions. Here are four award-winning projects that demonstrate our commitment to keeping Singapore safe and secure now and in the future. 

Home Team PST Awards 2018 001 - APICS

Cool-sounding project acronym: APICS (Automated Passenger In-car Clearance System)

What the project’s about, in 20+ words: Noticed how our land checkpoints offer automated clearance for individual travellers and motorcyclists? APICS, an automated clearance system for car passengers, is now on trial! 

Project team: Office of the Chief Science and Technology Officer, Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA); and the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA)

Honours: PST Distinguished ExCEL Innovation Project (2018)

What APICS does: Our borders are our first line of defence in safeguarding Singapore’s security. APICS offers faster and more secure immigration clearance for car passengers, with the additional benefit of reduced manpower requirements so that ICA officers can be redeployed for other essential tasks. 

Innovation highlights: APICS integrates the ICA’s existing biometric clearance platform with new technologies in automation, robotics, sensors and wireless communications. 

Home Team PST Awards 2018 002 - EMS Tiered Response Framework
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Cool-sounding project acronym: Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Tiered Response Framework

What the project’s about, in 20+ words: When every second counts – making sure that EMS callers get a response that’s appropriate to their case.

Project team: Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)

Honours: PST ExCEL Innovation Project (2018)

What the EMS Tiered Response Framework does: As the demand for EMS grows, it’s essential that callers receive the level of response that’s appropriate to the emergency, with life-threatening ones receiving priority. Under the EMS Tiered Response system, SCDF operators are trained to evaluate how serious a case is and to then despatch the appropriate resources. 

Making an impact: Introduced in April 2017, the EMS Tiered Response Framework has allowed SCDF resources (such as ambulances, Fire Medical Vehicles and Emergency Medical Technician bikes) to be more effectively deployed. Serious cases are now prioritised over less serious ones, with the support of a robust call centre triage system that was specially developed by a team of emergency medicine doctors from the SCDF and the Ministry of Health

Home Team PST Awards 2018 003 - MHA UAS Framework
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Cool-sounding project acronym: MHA Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) as a Service

What the project’s about, in 20+ words: Eyes in the sky – a first-of-its-kind framework that allows Home Team officers to effectively deploy drones for a range of operations. 

Project team: Ops-Tech Group, MHA; Singapore Police Force (SPF); SCDF; and ICA

Honours: PST ExCEL Innovation Project (2018)

What the MHA UAS Framework does: With their manoeuvrability and surveillance abilities, drones are a proven asset in the field. The MHA UAS Framework gives Home Team officers improved situational awareness and sense-making capabilities in enforcement and emergency operations. Drones can also be customised and trialled according to different operational needs. 

Making an impact: Launched in December 2016, the Framework offers sophisticated drone capabilities to frontline Home Team officers, with drones operated by experienced pilots. Home Team Departments have since deployed drones at major events as well as for enforcement operations and emergencies (such as fires). 

Home Team PST Awards 2018 004 - PCG USVs

Cool-sounding project acronym: Police Coast Guard (PCG) Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs)

What the project’s about, in seven words: Drones at sea, safeguarding our territorial waters. 

Project team: SPF

Honours: PST ExCEL Innovation Project (2018)

What PCG USVs do: Singapore is one of the busiest ports in the world, and PCG USVs are a transformative effort to enhance the PCG’s capabilities in preventing, deterring and detecting crime on water. 

Innovation highlights: Equipped with cameras, radar, sensors, search-lights and a loud-hailer, PCG USVs are able to navigate autonomously to project Police presence at sea. Trained USV pilots can manage up to four USVs at once, and are only required to take over manual control during interception situations.
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  1. by Mike Tan
  2. 04 July 2018
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