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Our Trainers, Our Pride: A Dynamic Balance
Home Team Training & Learning Officer Peh Zhen Hao of CNB shares why he’s happiest when Trainees take ownership of their learning.

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PHOTO: Rachel Sin

Ever wondered how the Home Team’s training methods have evolved in recent years? Look no further than Deputy Superintendent (DSP) Peh Zhen Hao, a Home Team Training & Learning Officer from the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) who embodies a defining aspect of this transformation: balance. 

“Previously, training methods tended to be more didactic and trainer-centric, but this has changed, especially over the last three years,” said DSP Zhen Hao. “We’ve made progress and trainers are adopting blended learning, which is not only more learner-centric, but also comprises different activities to enhance knowledge retention.” 

Blended learning includes both traditional, face-to-face teaching and e-learning, and requires care in implementing. “Even as we incorporate more technology into our training, we also have to be mindful of the technological proficiency of officers,” said DSP Zhen Hao. “We overcame this challenge by finding a balance between our training delivery methods so that officers with different backgrounds and experiences can learn from one another.” 

The 70-20-10 Rule
Another way that DSP Zhen Hao achieves balance is through his dual roles as learner and instructor. As an instructor, he's committed to helping CNB officers develop the necessary knowledge and capabilities to keep Singapore drug-free.

“As a Home Team Training & Learning Officer, I’m given the opportunity to develop myself in the areas of Learning Strategy Development, Learning Management, E-learning Development, Curriculum Design and Training Delivery,” he explained. “I get to learn from my seniors and work closely with officers from other Home Team Departments.” 

One learning point that has left a deep impression on DSP Zhen Hao is the 70-20-10 Rule. “This general principle states that 70% of learning comes from experience, experimentation and reflection; 20% from working with others; and 10% from reading and listening,” he explained. “That’s why we design new or updated curricula to include more learning activities and reflection sessions, to make learning more experiential and effective.” 

Empowered to Train and Learn
DSP Zhen Hao is well-versed in the six specialised tracks for Home Team Training & Learning: Learning Strategy Development; Learning Technology Solutions Design; Learning Management; E-Learning Development; Learning Assessment and Evaluation; and Curriculum Design.

“We need to be skilled in more than one of these competencies to perform our work,” he explained. “On the other hand, Home Team Trainers possess in-depth knowledge of a specific subject, and they focus on creating learning content, as well as training delivery. By working together with our Trainers, we can empower officers to take ownership of their learning.” 

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DSP Zhen Hao believes that successful Trainers are those who can ignite an officer’s passion to learn. PHOTO: Rachel Sin

A Dynamic, Multi-faceted Role
What DSP Zhen Hao relishes is the element of spontaneity in his role. “My job allows me to see many different aspects of training,” he said. “On any day of the week, I may be designing a new curriculum, learning best practices at a training forum or even sharing the history of CNB and Singapore’s anti-drug policies with Trainees of the Home Team Foundation Course. But what gives me a great sense of satisfaction is when a new curriculum or training delivery method is well-received and enjoyed by learners.” 

Home Team Training Excellence (TRAX) Awards
The Home Team TRAX Awards are given out by the Home Team Academy and recognises outstanding Trainers and Training Units in the Home Team’s Training & Learning Community. This year, eight Trainers and six Training Units received honours for their commitment to innovation in learning. 

Home Team News CNB HTA Trainer Peh Zhen Hao with Team
DSP Zhen Hao and his fellow recipients of the Merit Award for Home Team Training Unit of the Year. PHOTO: CNB

Among the recipients for this year was DSP Zhen Hao who, together with his team at CNB's Training Unit, garnered the Merit Award for Home Team Training Unit of the Year for their dedication towards training excellence. Congratulations to all our dedicated Home Team Trainers!

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  1. by Rachel Sin
  2. 14 August 2020
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