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Securing the Summit: Home Team Officers in Action
Home Team officers played an essential role in the historic DPRK-USA Singapore Summit, from ensuring the safe passage of world leaders and international guests to securing our borders as well as key summit venues. Here are some of our officers’ stories.

14 June 2018 Singapore Summit collages
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Singapore played host to a historic meeting between United States (US) President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on 12 June 2018. 

Home Team officers played a crucial part in organising the Summit and ensuring its security. Despite short notice and the complexities of such a multi-layered security operation, our officers were focused, determined and resourceful. For many, their Summit duties were simply an extension of what they do every day – keeping Singapore safe and secure. 

From planning and securing the grounds to being on standby and reinforcing our checkpoints, our Home Team officers share their experiences of the Summit. 

14 June 2018 Singapore Summit SCDF
PHOTO: Desmond Ang

In the Heart of the Operation
CPT Jonathan Yuen Ze Ming, 30, Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)

“I’m a Senior Staff Officer in the Operations Department of the SCDF. On a day-to-day basis, I help to manage the SCDF’s involvement in contingency situations. The Summit was just one of major events that I’ve been involved since I joined the Operations Department. 

“During the Summit, I was deployed as an Operations Officer at the Home Team Event Command Post (HTECP). My job was to monitor the movement of SCDF’s resources that were on standby on the ground, and to ensure that our contingency plans were carried out accordingly in response to any incident. I also helped to channel information from the HTECP to our ground forces, and vice versa. 

“There was a great sense of team spirit and determination within the HTECP. It felt great to contribute to such a historic event, especially when you’d been part of the planning with other Home Team officers from the very start. It’s gratifying to see everything fall into place.”

14 June 2018 Singapore Summit ICA

Team SG in Action 
Inspector Reshma Nair, 33, Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA)

“As a Staff Officer (Ground Operations) with ICA Airport Command, my day-to-day role involves coordinating operations across the airport community to ensure effective and efficient immigration clearance for travellers using Changi Airport. This involves working with many different stakeholders to ensure that our travellers have a great Changi experience.

“I felt honoured to play a small part in this special event for world peace. During the Summit, I was part of the Secretariat Team at Airport Command which coordinated the immigration clearance process for delegates from the US and DPRK. We worked with officers from the Singapore Police Force (SPF) the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore to ensure that the processes went smoothly.

“I feel proud to represent the Home Team in coordinating these efforts. The Summit gave us the opportunity to show our resilience and creativity in resolving issues. This made us more responsive to changes in the dynamic environment that the Home Team operates in.”

14 June 2018 Singapore Summit SPF

On the Ground: Securing Sentosa 
Inspector 2 Chua Xin Yi, 28, SPF

“I’m a Team Leader at Bukit Merah West Neighbourhood Police Centre. As a Team Leader, I manage a team of 24 officers who respond to 999 calls on a daily basis. We also handle any public order and security situations that arise within our jurisdiction. 

“During the Summit, I was a Sector IC based at Capella Singapore on Sentosa. My team was responsible for managing the access points of the hotel, and it was our job to ensure the security of the delegates and principals who used these points. 

“We were well-prepared for the deployment and were excited and glad to do our part in this historic process. I’m grateful to serve and I think I learnt a lot from the whole experience. 

“We were very focused on what we had to do. On a few occasions, I did have the opportunity to interact with the American and North Korean officials, and shared with them about Singapore’s attractions. They were interested in learning where to find the best chilli crab and satay, so I told them some places to check out!”

14 June 2018 Singapore Summit SCDF Paramedia

Emergency Teams Ready to Respond 
Warrant Officer 1 Sharifah Muslimah Lili Binte Ahmad Nassir, 36, SCDF

“I’m a Paramedic by vocation. In my daily duties, I serve as an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) OIC based at Paya Lebar Fire Station where I oversee operational matters such as deployment, logistics and training. 

“This was the first time I’d been deployed for such a prolonged standby. During the Summit, I was stationed at the St Regis Singapore, where the North Korean delegates stayed during their time in Singapore. Our responsibility was to provide medical assistance in the event of an emergency. Other EMS teams were deployed to attend to non-contingency incidents within the same area. 

“I learnt to stay alert by pacing myself, so that I can respond quickly, regardless of the time of situation. We knew our roles very well and I feel proud to play my part. It’s really exhilarating to contribute to ensuring the success of the Summit.”
14 June 2018 Singapore Summit ICA 2

Heightened Security at Our Borders
Deputy Superintendent Peck Yong Tat, 35, ICA

“As part of my everyday duties, I lead a team of ICA officers to provide prompt, effective and efficient front-line protective security at the Sea Domain’s area of operations. 

“Besides being a first responder to security-related incidents, I also work with other Home Team Departments and Terminal Operators on initiatives to enhance the security of our land-based sea checkpoints.

“Security was paramount. During the Summit, our officers performed heightened security checks at our land-based sea checkpoints. I also conducted pre-shift and during-shift briefings to update our officers on the latest instructions and tell-tale indicators from cases detected from previous shifts. 

“I’m grateful for the perseverance shown by our officers, who worked hard 24/7, even as we witnessed the significant event unfold at Sentosa, just across from our checkpoint at the Singapore Cruise Centre.”
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  1. by Desmond Ang
  2. 14 June 2018
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