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Tea Can Wait, SGSecure Messages First!
Ignored, “greeted” by residents’ pets and well-loved by the elderly. Mr Lim Zi Yao has encountered all these situations while going house to house sharing the SGSecure message.

On the surface, one might think that Mr Lim Zi Yao is like any other ordinary guy. With a job as a legal counsel for a hotel chain and hobbies such as gaming and watch-collecting, one wouldn’t have guessed that Zi Yao has another skill up his sleeve.

Calling himself a “salesman with an important motivation”, he is a part of the pioneer batch of Operationally Ready National Service (ORNS) men from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) who started conducting house to house visits in 2016, sharing the SGSecure message with Nee Soon South residents.

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The warm reception from residents on his house to house visits have motivated and encouraged Zi Yao to keep contributing to the SGSecure movement. PHOTO: Lim Zi Yao

SGSecure Salesman on a Mission

All great salesmen have a technique to engage their customers. In Zi Yao’s case, his house to house visits typically begin with a short sharing on recent news related to the global and regional threat of terrorism to paint the context of his visit. He then weaves in the SGSecure advisories such as the “Run, Hide, Tell”, “Press, Tie, Tell” and improvised First Aid skills message – often relying on videos to serve as complementary visual aids.

Once he has captured the residents’ attention fully, Zi Yao wraps up the session by introducing the SGSecure mobile application and without being overly pushy, gently urges them to download it at their convenience. He would also be sure to highlight the upcoming Emergency Preparedness (EP) Days scheduled in their constituency, where residents can pick up life-saving skills.

Jokingly, Zi Yao quipped that some residents do treat him like a real salesman and on several occasions, have refused to open their door while others have gotten their pets to “greet” him instead.

Home Team News
Zi Yao served as a Community Engagement Preparedness Programme officer during his National Service and is currently serving his ORNSmen duties as a Section Commander with 305A MRT Shelter Company (Bartley). PHOTO: SCDF

Tea Can Wait, SGSecure Messages First!

Thankfully, not all residents have been taciturn towards him. Reminiscing fondly, Zi Yao said, “An elderly couple loved us so much, they wanted to ‘detain’ us for tea! But sorry, tea can wait, SGSecure messages first!”

He also shared that he generally keeps his energy level up with chilled refreshing drinks but maintained that it is the residents who keep him motivated.

“I usually drink 100PLUS or any other chilled refreshing drink to keep myself energised. But seriously, when residents are receptive and friendly towards us, it beats any drink, any day and any time,” added the 30-year-old.

Proud to Protect Singapore

Noting that the terror threat has never been closer to home with the rise in global and regional terrorist activities, Zi Yao finds meaning in his house to house visits and shared he never saw the outreach efforts as something “laborious or a waste of time”.

“As part of an organisation that prides itself in saving and protecting lives, I am extremely honoured to be involved in the SGSecure movement, and to engage the public on a meaningful level. Every effort put in today can contribute in keeping Singapore secure,” said Zi Yao.

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Click here to read about SGSecure in the community. Join us at the next EP Day at the HDB Hub in Toa Payoh Central on 14 October 2017.

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  1. by Yuslina Aziz
  2. 09 October 2017
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