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Tech in the Home Team: Human and Beyond
Every month, we feature how our Home Team scientists and engineers are using Science and Technology to keep Singapore safe and secure.

In this edition, we highlight how we apply human factors engineering to help our officers be more efficient and effective on the frontline.

Tech in the Home Team 02 - SPF uniform and SCDF exoskeleton
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Human Factors Engineering
Human Factors Engineering is about the design of machines, systems, work processes and environments, taking into account the safety, comfort and productivity of users. 
Human Factors Engineering plays an increasingly critical role in allowing our Home Team Guardians to deal with high-stress operations and physical fatigue. Here are two recent Human Factors projects from the Office of the Chief Science and Technology Officer (OCSTO) at the Ministry of Home Affairs, involving the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). 

Tech in the Home Team 02 - PTZ, MATAR and FURo-D
GRAPHIC: Home Team News

These are the Droids You’re Looking For
The SPF is actively exploring the use of robotics to enhance the capabilities of front-line officers. Meet PTZ, MATAR 2.0 and FURo-D, three robotic platforms showcased at the SPF Workplan Seminar that give us a glimpse of how technology can help in both law enforcement and community engagement.
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  1. by Home Team News
  2. 30 May 2018
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