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Tech Spotlight: The Future of Policing
Robots, drones and so much more – SPF unveils new technologies to enhance its frontline capabilities, training and community engagement.

Piloting exciting new concepts to fight crime and support its operations, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) showcased a range of technology-driven projects at the Police Workplan Seminar 2019 on 11 April. Here are five highlights.

1. Eyes on the Scene: Multi-Purpose All Terrain Autonomous Robot (MATAR) 3.0 
An upgraded version of the MATAR patrol robot, MATAR 3.0 is the SPF’s latest drive towards autonomous patrols. This wheeled robotic platform comes in two variants.

The first variant is outfitted with an extendable pan-tilt-zoom camera that provides video coverage from a height of up to two metres. It was deployed at the 33rd ASEAN Summit to project police presence and allow the operators to look out for anomalous activities remotely.
Home Team News SPF WPS 2019 Drone Collage
Elevated view: One variant of MATAR 3.0 houses a tethered UAV that can rise to 30 metres. GIF: Home Team News

The other robot is equipped with a digital signage for conveying text messages and an integrated, tethered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for aerial surveillance up to a height of 30 metres. SPF will deploy the robots for operational trial at security events to evaluate their effectiveness in enhancing the Police’s operations.
2. On Target: Range Enhanced Live Firing Range System (ELFRAS)
When it comes to hitting a target consistently, effective shooters know that it takes practice to master factors such as posture, breathing and trigger control. 

Now, a newly developed training aid takes range practice to the next level. Jointly developed by SPF and the Ministry of Home Affairs’ (MHA) Science & Technology Group, ELFRAS enhances marksmanship training through the use of sensors that capture and analyse human factor performances. 

Home Team News SPF WPS 2019 Collage
ELFRAS records precise details of shooters at the range, helping them to improve their marksmanship. PHOTOS: Fatris Bin Jasmin

Measuring a shooter’s weapons handling, breathing, posture and gaze fixation, ELFRAS uses analytics to provide real-time recommendations, improving subsequent shots. 

3. Improving Your Hit Rate: Impact Measurement Trainer (IMT)
Traditionally, lessons on Police Defence Tactics (PDT) for Police trainees were a one-way street, so to speak. Police trainees strike punching bags in training but don’t know how hard they’ve hit, or whether their hits landed properly. 
Home Team News SPF WPS 2019 IMT
IMT features sensors that record the strength and location of strikes. PHOTO: Fatris Bin Jasmin

But now, the IMT can provide feedback to trainees. The IMT is a new training system that incorporates force sensors within manikins. These measure the strength and location of each strike, providing immediate feedback to trainees to help them improve their PDT techniques. 

IMT will soon be joined by similar systems – SPF is working on other manikins to help trainees improve their Pressure Point Control Techniques, which are used by officers to manage suspects engaging in passive resistance. 

4. Tactical Gear: SPF Wearable Technologies
One technological trend that’s set to make waves is wearable technology – compact smart devices that can be incorporated into clothing or worn on the body. At Police Workplan 2019, SPF also showcased wearable technology projects such as Smart Glasses that offer real-time analytics capabilities. 
Home Team News SPF WPS 2019 Glasses Collage
Visual tool: Smart Glasses in action at Police Workplan Seminar 2019. PHOTOS: Fatris Bin Jasmin

The Smart Glasses are currently undergoing trials, with SPF exploring how they can be tapped on to support enhance Police operations on the ground.

5. A Student’s Best Pal: Mini Autonomous School Talk Robot Officer (Mi-ASTRO) 
It talks, it walks and it even does backflips – meet SPF’s miniature robot mascot, Mi-ASTRO! This friendly, palm-sized robot will feature in SPF’s outreach to children at school engagement talks, providing bite-sized information to students and pre-schoolers. 
Home Team News SPF WPS 2019 Mi Astro
Mi-ASTRO in action. GIF: Home Team News 

Mi-ASTRO can exchange customised safety tips and crime prevention messages with users. Having been trialled at various pre-schools, Mi-ASTRO may soon be equipped with further language capabilities so that it can also communicate with the elderly. 

Home Team News SPF WPS 2019 Sky Arc
The Sky ARC vehicle carries UAV models and communications equipment to relay information to ground commanders in real time. PHOTOS: Desmond Ang

Bonus Tech: Sky Aerial Response Command (ARC) 
Sky ARC provides SPF with a mobile UAV force for tactical deployments. Equipped with a variety of UAVs with capabilities that suit different operational terrain, the Sky ARC will allow SPF to obtain a better situational picture for enhanced decision-making and operational response. Find out more about Sky ARC here.

Police Workplan Seminar 2019

Read the speech by Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law Mr K Shanmugam at Police Workplan Seminar 2019.

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  1. by Desmond Ang
  2. 18 April 2019
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