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PM Lee Urges Singaporeans to Play Their Part Against Terrorism at SGSecure Launch
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong called on Singaporeans to safeguard their way of life.

The SGSecure movement was officially launched by Prime Minister (PM) Lee Hsien Loong on 24 September 2016. The national movement is a call to action for Singaporeans to be part of the nation’s anti-terrorism efforts.

SGSecure aims to sensitise, train and mobilise the community against terror attacks. Under the movement, members of the public are trained to be vigilant and to pick up life-saving skills during peacetime so that they can help one another during a crisis. They will also be equipped to be mobilisers to help their communities stay united and resilient as well as return to normalcy in the aftermath of an attack.

Speaking at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, PM Lee called on Singaporeans to safeguard their way of life and stand united in the fight against terrorism.

PM Lee (middle) joined 12 others on-stage to launch the SGSecure national movement. The launch was attended by partner agencies, community and religious leaders, students, key representatives and participants of pilot SGSecure projects. PHOTO: Nizam Neti


“Terrorism threatens not just our physical safety, but also our social harmony and way of life. And to protect ourselves, every Singaporean has to play his part. And this is what SGSecure is about. It is about what each of us can do as an individual. It is about how each of us can play our part to protect ourselves and those around us,” said PM Lee.

PM Lee also cautioned against taking Singapore’s racial and religious harmony for granted and stressed the need for stronger social bonds.

“We count among our friends and neighbours, people of different races and religions. It is a harmony that all of us can be proud of but never forget how hard we have had to work to achieve this. And we have got to continue to work at it, and never to take racial harmony for granted,” PM Lee added.

PM Lee practices 'Press, Tie, Tell' at the Skills Training Booth during the launch of the SGSecure national movement. Guests were invited to pick up life-saving skills including CPR-AED and first aid at the booth. PHOTO: Christopher Chen

To better equip the community against the threat of terrorism, the SGSecure movement will engage Singaporeans through several key domains. These domains include the neighbourhoods, schools, workplaces, community groups, media, National Service (NS) and volunteer communities.

“These are things that will take time because Singapore has been a safe and secure society. People are not used to thinking along these lines, so it is entirely understandable. That’s why we have to take a major effort and we have been doing,” Minister for Home Affairs and Law Mr K Shanmugam said.

The launch of SGSecure also saw the unveiling of the new SGSecure mobile app. The app allows the Police and the SCDF to alert users to major emergencies such as terrorist attacks and public order incidents.

Users can also inform the Police and SCDF of major incidents via text, photos or videos.

The SGSecure App is a one-stop portal for members of the public to receive alerts during major emergencies, provide information to and seek assistance from the authorities, as well as download useful information on how we can mitigate the threat of terrorism. PHOTO: Melvin Mak

“The app can do several things. It can send you alerts and advisories when things happens. If you see something suspicious, you can use the app to report this, to send information and pictures so that somebody can get it and investigate it. I am going to download this app once it is launched and I hope all of you will do so too,” PM Lee said.

“Our problem will continue. Terrorism threats are not going to disappear for quite a long time and we must expect the terrorists to continue to attack and to plan attacks on Singapore. They are targeting not just our physical safety, but the fabric of our society… It will happen, but we will be ready when it happens,” PM Lee added.

PM Lee uses the smart-touch tables during the launch of the SGSecure national movement. The tables present information and visuals through the use of tokens. They provide an overview of the programmes and initiatives by various organisations and agencies. PHOTO: Christopher Chen

Find out more of the SGSecure movement on www.sgsecure.sg. For technical issues regarding the SGSecure mobile App, call our 24hr helpdesk hotline at 66849554.

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  1. by Desmond Ang
  2. 26 September 2016
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