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The Home Team Goes Green
Safe, secure and green – how the Home Team’s buildings and facilities contribute to Singapore’s environmental sustainability.

As the Home Team pursues its mission to keep Singapore safe and secure, we’re also committed to playing our part in the national effort to build a sustainable future for all Singaporeans. 

Our buildings and facilities not only serve operational requirements, they are also environmentally sustainable, taking into consideration energy and water efficiency; environmentally-friendly construction materials; and improved indoor air quality.

Our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Our commitment to sustainability can be seen in a range of award-winning infrastructural projects. Here are five “green” buildings from the Home Team. 

Green 02 - SCDF Sentosa Fire Station
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Sentosa Fire Station, Singapore Civil Defence Force
The Sentosa Fire Station provides emergency services to the popular island resort of Sentosa as well as the Harbourfront and Telok Blangah areas. In 2015, it became the first Fire Station to attain the Green Mark Platinum Award from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA). Here are some of the Station’s eco-friendly features:

  -  Use of cool paint to reduce solar heat gain
  -  Low Envelope Thermal Transfer Value (ETTV) through the choice of materials and glass
  -  Natural ventilation is optimised
  -  Installation of photovoltaic panels and a solar thermal system on the rooftop 
  -  100% LED lighting for the entire development

Green 01 - SPS Selarang Park Complex
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Selarang Park Complex, Singapore Prison Service
Located along Upper Changi Road North, the Selarang Park Complex houses a halfway house and a pre-release centre for inmates serving the tail-end of their sentence. The Complex received the BCA Green Mark Platinum Award in 2017. Here are some of the eco-friendly features that help the Complex achieve energy savings of up to 30%:

  -  High efficiency air-conditioning system
  -  LED lighting
  -  Heat pump for hot water generation
  -  Passive design of the building façade reduces heat gain
  -  Sustainable construction design and products (such as the use of low volatile-organic-compound paints) 
  -  Adheres to the PUB’s Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme 

Green 03 - SPF Woodlands Division HQ
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Woodlands Division Headquarters, Singapore Police Force
This 12-storey complex at the junction of Woodlands Avenue 3 and Woodlands Street 12 houses, among other facilities, round-the-clock self-service kiosks, the Woodlands West Neighbourhood Police Centre and an auditorium for joint police-community events. The Headquarters achieved the BCA Green Mark Platinum Award in 2017. Here are some of its eco-friendly features:

  -  High-efficiency chiller plants
  -  Variable speed drives for pumps and cooling tower fans
  -  Carbon monoxide sensors for regulating the car park mechanical ventilation fans
  -  Energy-efficient LED lighting systems
  -  Use of siphonic rainwater discharge system to efficiently discharge rainwater from rooftops

Green 04 - ICA Tuas and Woodlands Checkpoints
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Tuas and Woodlands Checkpoints, Immigration and Checkpoints Authority
Opened in 1998 and 1999 respectively, Tuas and Woodlands Checkpoints play essential roles in safeguarding Singapore’s border security. The Checkpoints received the BCA Green Mark Platinum Award in 2018. These are some of the eco-friendly features that can be found at our Checkpoints:

  -  High-efficiency chiller plants
  -  Progressive introduction of energy-efficient LED lights
  -  Progressive installation of photovoltaic panels
  -  Certified water-efficient under the PUB’s Water Efficient Building (Basic) Certification Programme

Moving forward, all Home Team buildings will be retrofitted with energy-efficient LED lighting. We’re also working with the National Environment Agency to implement contracts to enhance the performance of chiller plants and with the Housing and Development Board to install solar panels across Home Team facilities. These efforts showcase our commitment to Singapore’s environmental sustainability.
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  1. by Yuslina Aziz
  2. 25 July 2018
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