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A Drug-Free Nation in Your Hands
Young, committed and a catalyst for change – meet Javier Ng, Youth Anti-Drug Advocate!

Behind his seemingly shy veneer lies a fiery passion for a drug-free society. Meet Javier Ng, Youth Anti-Drug Advocate and Singapore’s Representative at the annual United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Youth Forum, held in Vienna, Austria, in March 2019.

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Javier is ready to do his part as a Youth Anti-Drug Advocate. PHOTO: Jermaine Ting

The 17-year-old’s passion for fighting drug abuse came from witnessing the toll of drug abuse on his family. “I had a relative who was arrested for drug abuse,” he recalled. “It was a very sad experience for those involved, especially for the younger members of the family.”

Determined to be a catalyst for change, Javier decided to volunteer with the Central Narcotics Bureau’s (CNB) Anti-Drug Abuse Advocacy Programme in July 2018. “I thought that it’d be good for me to help my peers,” he said with resolve. “I couldn’t do anything about fighting drugs when I was younger, but now I can play my part.”

Voice of Singaporean Youths
As a Youth Anti-Drug Advocate, Javier actively volunteers at public events organised by CNB and also with the National Council Against Drug Abuse

In March, he got the chance to share his story at the UNODC Youth Forum in Vienna, Austria. Together with 41 other international delegates, he discussed measures to prevent drug abuse among youths.

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Javier at the UNODC Youth Forum in Vienna, Austria. PHOTOS: CNB

Javier exchanged ideas with the other youth delegates and shared Singapore’s experience in Preventive Drug Education. “I felt very honoured to represent Singapore at the Forum and give voice to how Singaporean youths feel about fighting drugs,” he said.

Asked about his takeaways from Vienna, Javier had this to share: “I learnt how other countries come up with strategic drug prevention measures and how we can improve youth engagement here in Singapore.”

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Javier and his team sharing the anti-drug message at Orchard Road. PHOTOS: Jermaine Ting

Putting Knowledge into Action
Back home, Javier conceptualised and implemented an anti-drug public awareness project called #YourLifeIsInYourHands. Bringing his passion to Orchard Road on 30 March, Javier and his fellow volunteers took it upon themselves to distribute customised hand-sanitisers to rally the public’s support for a drug-free society.

“We chose hand-sanitisers to symbolise cleanliness,” explained Javier. “With this project, we hope to send out the message to as many youths as possible to take a stand and say no to drugs.”

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#YourLifeIsInYourHands hand-sanitisers conceptualized by Javier and a teammate. PHOTO: Jermaine Ting 

Javier is now working on other public education initiatives, including one with his school, ITE College Central. “My hope is that Singapore can be a drug-free nation,” he said. “That’s why our message to youths is this – your life is in your hands.”

CNB Youth Anti-Drug Advocate Programme
Do you cherish Singapore's drug-free environment and want to ensure that it stays the same for future generations? Volunteer with CNB as a Youth Anti-Drug Advocate

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