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A New Shade of Blue: On Patrol with Our VSCC Officers
Ready to step forward and serve – meet the enthusiastic officers of the Volunteer Special Constabulary (Community).

Most of us would probably agree that there are few better ways to begin the weekend than by having breakfast with our loved ones. This was the scene last Saturday morning at Serangoon Garden Food Centre, with families enjoying their kopi and other local favourites as a busker played a stream of Cantopop hits on his portable piano. 

VSCC 06 Serangoon Food Centre
Saturday duties: Gearing up, going on patrol and meeting residents at Serangoon Garden Food Centre. PHOTOS: Home Team News

For several newly minted volunteer Police officers, however, Saturday morning was the perfect time to step forward and serve the community. With a friendly wave and “Good morning,” they made their way from table to table, chatting with residents. Sporting smart, bright-blue tops, these were the pioneer officers of the Volunteer Special Constabulary (Community), or VSCC. 

Launched in April 2018, the VSCC programme is the latest community policing initiative of the Singapore Police Force (SPF). Besides giving members of the public the opportunity to serve alongside Police officers, the programme helps to strengthen community ties. 
Like their VSC counterparts, VSCC officers are trained in Police procedures, defence tactics and first aid. However, their training and mandatory volunteer hours are shorter, and they don’t carry firearms. We spoke to five VSCC officers who shared why they chose to serve in blue. 

VSCC 01 Lai Wah Chung
Officer Lai Wah Chung. PHOTO: Home Team News

Mr Lai Wah Chung, 47
Financial Consultant

“I’ve always enjoyed helping others. I’ve previously volunteered at Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital to work with the elderly, and also children with special needs. So when I learnt about the VSCC programme, I thought it was something I could commit to. 

“My family has definitely been supportive of me. My younger brother has been a VSC officer for many years, so my family knows what to expect in terms of the time we spend as volunteers. We can all play a role in serving the nation.” 

VSCC 02 Loo Jian Kai
Officer Loo Jian Kai. PHOTO: Home Team News

Mr Loo Jian Kai, 24
Undergraduate, Singapore Institute of Technology

“I’m in my second year of Criminology studies, and eight hours of VSCC duties a month is a good fit for me as I can volunteer between my studies. 

“It’s a meaningful and purposeful duty, and my family and friends are supportive of me because they know it’s for the common good. 

“When we put on the VSCC uniform, we know we have to carry ourselves professionally; when we walk the ground, we know we have to be objective.

“As VSCC officers, we’re focused on crime prevention, and one of the things we do is outreach and engagement with residents. We always try our best to inform people about crime trends.”

VSCC 03 Jufri
Officer Mohamed Jufri Bin Mohd Hamzah. Since completing his VSCC training, he has been on patrol in the Toa Payoh area. PHOTO: Home Team News

Mr Mohamed Jufri Bin Mohd Hamzah, 43
Teacher, Anchor Green Primary School

“I’ve been teaching for 20 years and am currently a Senior Teacher for Physical Education. 

“I was a Full-Time National Serviceman in the SPF, and my sister-in-law, brother-in-law and cousin are all Police officers. I also have a nephew who just graduated as an officer. I decided to join the VSCC because I wanted to give something back to an organisation that has impacted my life both directly and indirectly. 

“I have to admit that, as a teacher, it was a difficult decision to commit myself to the training as I usually end work at 5pm. Sometimes I had to rush to training after work and on Saturdays. But the sacrifices have paid off, as we can proudly call ourselves the first batch of VSCC officers.

“By volunteering as a VSCC officer, I see myself as an ambassador for the SPF. I can positively represent and promote its work to my community, friends and family, and become a valuable link between the SPF and the public.
“What I’ve enjoyed most as a VSCC officer is the opportunity to meet new people, engage with them, be part of the VSCC family, and also of the local community.”

VSCC 04 Lena Wan
Officer Lena Wan. PHOTO: Home Team News

Ms Lena Wan, 54
Administrative Executive, Care Corner Counselling Centre

“I decided to volunteer for the VSCC because I want to contribute, you see. There’s been a lot to learn and remember, and putting theory into practice is another story. Going on patrol can be challenging also because we have to be very alert, with our eyes and ears constantly open. Singapore is very safe, but we still need to be mindful. 

“This morning, I’m giving out pamphlets on how to avoid falling for online scams. I’ve always been a ‘people person’ and I work at a counselling centre, so talking to residents comes naturally to me. 

“Because we’re wearing a new Police uniform, many people see us and wonder who we are. When we tell them, they’re very encouraging, smiling and thanking us.” 

VSCC 05 Wong Chee Wai
Officer Wong Chee Wai. PHOTO: Home Team News
Mr Wong Chee Wai, 49
Vice Principal, Innova Primary School 

“I’ve been a Vice Principal for over four years now. Besides my usual duties, I’m also tasked to look after the safety and security of the N8 school zone, which comprises five primary schools, six secondary schools and a junior college. 

“It’s not only about looking after the schoolchildren, but also the community at large. That’s why I volunteered to be a VSCC officer, to stay in touch with the community. It’s important that we all work to maintain the safety and security of Singapore. 

“When I was a student, I joined the National Police Cadet Corps, and I served in the Military Police during my Army days. In the VSCC, we’ve had quite a number of trainings conducted by regular Police officers, and it hasn’t been too tough for me. 

“As VSCC officers, our mission is to prevent, detect and deter crime. To do this, we need to talk to people; reach out to them. So far, most of our encounters have been engagements with residents. We ask if they’ve seen anything unusual, because they know their neighbourhood very well. It’s been a very fruitful experience and I’m glad I can make a contribution.”

VSCC 07 Serangoon Market
Meeting the stall-owners at Serangoon Garden Market. PHOTO: Home Team News
A Resident Speaks: Mdm Sim Lee Huang, 64
“My mother has been selling eggs here in Serangoon Garden Market for 45 years. We all look out for one another and, in fact, I’m here to help my Malay neighbour with her stall. We’re thankful to the Police who're very active here, and who teach us how to look out for suspicious behaviour. Thank you!”

Volunteer Special Constabulary (Community)
Singaporeans who are 18 and above and keen to join the VSCC vocation can sign up at this link.
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  1. by Mike Tan
  2. 17 May 2018
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