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A Trusted Casino Regulator – The CRA Celebrates its 10th Anniversary
Much has changed for the Casino Regulatory Authority over the last 10 years, but not its commitment to keeping our gaming tables clean and honest.

Many of us are familiar with Singapore’s two Integrated Resorts (IRs). At some point, we would have visited Marina Bay Sands or Resorts World Sentosa to wine and dine, shop, visit an amusement park or have fun with our families. 

Officers with the Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA) have another reason to make regular trips to the IRs; to regulate their casinos. 

A Fresh Start

Following the passage in Parliament of the Casino Control Bill in 2006, the CRA was founded as a Home Team Statutory Board in 2008. During the early years of the CRA, its officers had to develop and put in place regulations and standards for the casinos. To do this effectively, they had to quickly become conversant in the technicalities of the gambling industry. 

26 Apr 2018 CRA Officers EMG WPS
Pioneering officers: Mr Chan Wei Siang (left) and Ms He Shujia both joined the CRA in 2009. PHOTO: Benjamin Ong 

“Even now, we need to keep abreast of developments in gaming,” said Mr Chan Wei Siang, Assistant Director (Gaming Technology) at the CRA. “We have to know what’s happening in the industry and be able to assess future trends.” 

Mr Chan’s team is responsible for reviewing, regulating and approving the standards and requirements of gaming machines. Before the casinos opened, his team was involved in approving the deployment of more than 2,200 Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs) and 35 types of gaming equipment. 

Though the road leading to the opening of the casinos was challenging, the CRA officers were determined to succeed. Ms He Shujia, Head (Inspection and Compliance) at the CRA, recalls the sense of camaraderie as colleagues from various divisions came together to conduct full-scale inspections of the Casino Operators (CO)s. 

“We inspected the complete range of casino operations to make sure that they complied with our requirements,” she recalled. “It was a vigorous, ‘deep dive’ exercise.”

As part of their work, Ms He’s team also audited the casinos’ processes and internal controls. “This was the first time we learned how the casinos operated in a detailed manner, and there were several areas of improvement that we recommended to the COs,” she said. 

26 Apr 2018 2Min Josephine Teo CRA Workplan
Second Minister for Home Affairs Mrs Josephine Teo learns about EGMs during the CRA Workplan Seminar 2018. PHOTO: Benjamin Ong
Lasting Lessons 

These early lessons have helped the CRA enhance its regulatory framework over the past 10 years. According to Mr Chan, it’s crucial that the CRA stays in step with the fast-paced gambling industry. “We’re constantly engaging our licensees to understand what’s happening in the industry. We also attend conferences and exchange knowledge with regulators in other countries.” 

As for Ms He, what remains unchanged is her team’s commitment to ensure COs comply with CRA’s requirements. “My background is in auditing, and joining the CRA in 2009 was my first job as a regulator,” she said. “I joined because I wanted to do work that was meaningful, and I identified with the CRA’s mission. That’s what keeps me going!”

Celebrating 10 Years of CRA

The CRA, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, is tasked with keeping our gaming tables clean and honest. This mission has three key components:
• Ensuring that Casino Operators (COs) and their operations remain free from criminal influence or exploitation; 
• Ensuring that gaming in casinos is conducted honestly; and
• Containing and controlling the potential of casinos to cause harm to minors, vulnerable persons and society at large. 

Read the speech delivered by Second Minister for Home Affairs Mrs Josephine Teo. 

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  1. by Desmond Ang
  2. 26 April 2018
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