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Celebrating SPF200: Sisters in Arms
Sharing a Home Team connection at home and beyond – for Winnie and ASP Eunice, their family bond isn’t the only thing that ties them together.

Home Team News SPF200 Eunice Winnie Cover
Winnie (left) and ASP Eunice. PHOTO: Soo Jun Xiang

Ms Winnie Loke and Assistant Superintendent (ASP) Eunice Loke are sisters who share a connection that extends beyond home – both of them are officers in the Singapore Police Force (SPF).

While Winnie works as a Home Affairs Senior Executive (HASE) officer in SPF’s Public Affairs Department, her younger sibling ASP Eunice dons the police uniform as a member of SPF’s Commercial Affairs Department.

No Strangers to the Blues
As it turns out, both sisters share an affinity with Uniformed Groups that began way before they joined the Force. Winnie had been in the National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) throughout her secondary school and junior college years, while ASP Eunice spent her secondary school years as a Girl Guide.

Winnie shares that her experience in NPCC influenced her decision to join the Home Team. “I believed I could bring a different perspective to the Force and contribute through my own experiences and skills," she says. 

Being creatively-inclined, Winnie serves as a Public Communications Officer on SPF’s New Media team and applies her strengths towards creating content to engage and educate the public. She worked with her colleagues to launch SPF’s online Police avatar Inspector Clif, as well as the web-series ’Faces of SPF‘, which introduces viewers to different vocations in the Force. “Our main goal is to draw members of the public closer to the Police force, in a more informal and approachable way,” she explains.
Home Team News SPF200 Eunice Winnie Hat
PHOTO: Soo Jun Xiang

Her Chosen Vocation
A year after Winnie joined the Home Team, ASP Eunice followed in her footsteps. For ASP Eunice, becoming a Police officer was a vocation she’d always known she’d choose. “I've always felt that the most direct way for me to help people is to be on the frontlines,” she says.

ASP Eunice started out as an Investigation Officer with Bedok Police Division before assuming the role of Team Leader at Sengkang Neighbourhood Police Centre. Today, she’s a Senior Investigation Officer on SPF's E-commerce Fraud Enforcement and Coordination Team (E-FECT).

Home Team News SPF200 Eunice Winnie Run Profile
PHOTO: Soo Jun Xiang
Sisters Together Against Crime
Although the Loke sisters operate in different areas of Policing, their efforts combine to form a bigger picture. Winnie likens their efforts to a collaboration between public education and enforcement. While her sister enforces the law, she educates the public and produces stories to humanise the Force and shed light on the challenges that officers face on the job.

“We work hand in hand,” says Winnie. “If I’m able to reach out to more people to spread awareness about scams, it makes Eunice’s job easier when she engages with students, parents and members of the public.”

Through her work in commercial crime, ASP Eunice understands the importance of reaching out to those vulnerable to committing crime. For example, there’s a current uptrend in the number of youths becoming “bank transfer helpers,” and hence a need to engage parents to prevent such crimes. “That’s where public education comes in,” she says. 

Home Team News SPF200 Eunice Winnie Run Profile
Winnie and Eunice were among some 300 officers who took part in the SPF200 relay run, which spanned 200km. PHOTO: Soo Jun Xiang

Work Hard, Play Hard
Work aside, the sisters also know when to kick back and have fun. They try their best to find time in their busy schedules to travel together and indulge their shared love for the outdoors.

Home Team News SPF200 Eunice Winnie Hokkaido
Winnie (left) and ASP Eunice during their trip to Hokkaido, Japan, in 2019. PHOTO: Winnie Loke

Their most memorable trip, they both agree, was when they went trekking at Mount Bromo in Surabaya, Indonesia. “We were literally climbing on all fours up the mountain,” Winnie recalls with a laugh. 

In the same way that they conquered the climb together, Winnie and ASP Eunice are united in their commitment to keeping Singapore safe and secure. 

SPF200: The Police Bicentennial
The Police Bicentennial (SPF200) celebrates 200 years of history with SPF. SPF200 was officially launched by President Halimah Yacob at the OCBC Square at Singapore Sports Hub on 11 January 2020, and a series of commemorative events are set to take place throughout the year. Find out more here!
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  1. by Tiffany Tan
  2. 17 January 2020
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